6thStreet CRM Team Delivers 4x Growth in Business Contribution in 12 Months | MoEngage

6thStreet CRM Team Delivers 4x Growth in Business Contribution in 12 Months

Growth in CRM Revenue Contribution
Uplift in Repeat Purchases
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6thStreet is the e-commerce arm of The Apparel Group, headquartered in Dubai. The group is a global fashion and retail conglomerate with 1750+ stores and 75+ brands employing 17,000+ multicultural staff across four continents.


MoEngage played a key role in achieving significant growth in CRM. It’s omni-channel and analytics suite was not only helpful in CRM but for the overall organization. Apart from the exhaustive list of features, their account management is one of the best in industry.

Furqan Khan
Furqan Khan
CRM - Manager

MoEngage has been instrumental in helping with this and helping grow our CRM revenue contribution by 4x in less than a year.

Shaheer Usmani
Shaheer Usmani
Head of Digital Marketing
The Goal
6thStreet.com registered a shift in consumer behavior. So the need to provide an omnichannel shopping experience arise to ensure the organization goal of 10x growth is achieved.
MoEngage Solution
6thStreet was able to eliminate silos using channel-specific tools and consolidate the tech stack with MoEngage's modern CRM platform. As a result, the brand understands customer behavior and friction points; and engage customers with personalized messages.
Products Used
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels
RFM Segmentation
Create nuanced segments based on recency, frequency, and monetary value of customer transactions
The Result

To reduce churn and nudge consumers towards their first purchase, the team built a workflow using MoEngage Flows to remind new customers to complete their first purchase within two days of app installation. This resulted in higher purchases from new customers.

• 2X improvement in first-time purchase rates
• 55% increase in CTR through A/B testing and localization
• 24% boost in repeat purchases during 2019 Black Friday
• 4X growth in business contribution from the CRM team

To drive quality customer experience and growth for their customers, the CRM team A/B tested multiple variants of their campaign messages. Using MoEngage they were able to quickly assess the results and identify the winning message variant. This helped increase their engagement campaign CTRs by 55%.

To drive Black Friday sales, the team gamified the customer shopping experience and rewarded those who completed 5 purchases. An automated workflow via MoEngage nudged customers to buy more whenever they completed their first purchase and also highlighted their progress towards the five-purchases goal.