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7-Eleven Vietnam Drives 303% Increase in New App Customers With 360-degree Customer Profile

Increase in MAUs
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The global convenience store powerhouse opened its first store in Vietnam in 2017 offering fresh, and hygienically prepared proprietary food items like milk tea, kumquat tea, coffee, mixed noodles, and signature Vietnamese bread. Along with brick-and-mortar stores across the nation, consumers can shop via the 7-Eleven app and save on exclusive deals, earn points with purchases, and redeem exclusive perks.


We found our ideal customer engagement platform in MoEngage. Considering our scale of operations, our integration experience has been extremely smooth. Since the beginning, the local team has been diligent and supportive, always helping us with quick resolutions to all our queries. With our partnership, we have seen a 78% increase in MAUs and an incredible 303% increase in new customers on the app.

Trung Luong
Trung Luong
Director of Technology

7-Eleven Vietnam uses MoEngage's unified customer profile to seamlessly integrate offline and online channels and launch geo-fencing campaigns to boost offline conversions. Analytics and behavioral segmentation help them in effectively personalizing campaigns and flows.

7-Eleven uses behavioral segmentation to improve conversion

7-Eleven Vietnam uses RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) modeling to segment customers based on their past interactions with the app. The RFM model segregates customers into ten categories: champions, potential loyalists, recent customers, needs attention, loyal customers, etc.

Based on the categorization, the team at 7-Eleven applies different promotional strategies for different segments. Customers of the loyalist segment will receive monthly newsletters to help them stock up on essentials.

On the other hand, hibernating customers will receive daily/weekly campaigns highlighting deals based on their recent product views.

Potential loyalists will receive a reminder of reward points that will expire soon. A customer in the ‘needs attention’ segment will receive personalized campaigns based on ‘First name’ and ‘Items viewed.’

Additionally, segmentation helps them create personalized promotional campaigns, which help them increase their conversion rate.

Products Used
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
Set up and run an effective, high-converting geofencing marketing campaign in no time.
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
The Results

With MoEngage, 7-Eleven Vietnam was able to:

  • Seamlessly integrate offline and online channels resulting in increased conversions across both channels
  • Automate customer engagement at scale and reduce manual effort in setting up new campaigns
  • Benefit from on-ground local support in the Vietnamese language to help with immediate solutions