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How Adda247 Clocked 60% Q-o-Q Uplift in Revenue

Discover how how Adda247, one of India's most popular Ed-tech brands, successfully increased quarter-on-quarter revenue by 60% using MoEngage!

About Adda247

Adda247 is one of India’s largest vernacular learning platforms. The company is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, and is one of India’s leading education technology organizations focused on the government job test preparation segment. The Adda247 app is ranked the #1 Android app in terms of usage among all education apps in India.

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With MoEngage as our engagement partner, we’ve been able to engage the disengaged customers, increase conversions, and also see a substantial uplift in our revenue streams from various channels.

Chandan Singh
Co-Founder and CPO, Adda247
Uplift in Q-o-Q Revenue
Conversion Rates via In-App
Business Challenge

The EdTech industry has come a long way and is becoming one of the most competitive and valuable markets. To derive value from your customers, brands must engage with them effectively in order to establish a long-lasting relationship with them. Adda247's end goal was also the same, to retain a loyal customer base by feeding it with excellent customer experiences.

MoEngage Solution

Adda247 disseminated relevant reading materials that would be crucial to the type of tests that its customers were preparing for. These campaigns were highly contextual and customized to a T so that the students would find real value in the reading materials shared. Adda247 utilized MoEngage’s features like Content API (for emails) and Carousel Push Templates to execute the same.

The Result

Using MoEngage, Adda247 was able to:

  • Clock 60% q-o-q uplift in revenue and 1.69% CTR via email campaigns
  • Observe a 16% q-o-q uplift in revenue and 8% conversion rates via in-app campaigns
  • Achieve a 13% q-o-q uplift in revenue and 939,000 impressions via push campaigns

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