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Ahamove Sees over 14X Conversions after Partnering with MoEngage

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Increase in Monthly Traffic
Increase in Push Notifications Delivery
About Ahamove case-study-brand-logo

Founded in 2015, Ahamove is one of the leading on-demand delivery companies in Vietnam. As a make-in Vietnam business, the company focuses on developing technology delivery services and differentiates itself from other competitors in the market by offering multiple services to Vietnamese customers in the form of fast and inexpensive, long-distance and bulk.

Business Challenge

Ahamove's customers include corporate and individual customers, of which 70% are small and medium-sized business customers such as online shop owners, store owners, or supermarket chains. They regularly use Ahamove to support their business. Ahamove, although growing in the market, had a plethora of bottlenecks bringing down operational efficiency and retention. They were facing time constraints with analyzing existing data. Ahamove had difficulties in segmenting and accurately classifying its customers. Ahamove was previously using Firebase Cloud Messaging. Setting up and running automation processes, creating their own API integrations was time-consuming through other third-party vendors. Ahamove was using various independent channels to deploy campaigns. Less than 20% of their customers were receiving push notifications

Business Challenge

Ahamove was able to deploy in-app, banner and email campaigns with ease. This, in turn, increased our traffic and engagement, ultimately leading to a significant increase in the conversion rate of our campaigns.

Quynh Ngo
Quynh Ngo
Head of Marketing, Ahamove
Improved Reach and Engagement to Accelerate Conversions

Using MoEngage, Ahamove seamlessly built automation processes without any constraints in time and integrated their business units and their third-party engagement and retention tools into one platform. This saw a significant increase in overall performance.

Bringing together supply, demand, and the customers

Upon partnering with MoEngage, Ahamove were able to drastically close the gap between supply and demand by segmenting its customers to deliver real-time push, in-app and email campaigns, triggering higher conversions with optimal efficiency. Upon integrating and testing the platform, Ahamove was initially cautious in deploying campaigns. Ahamove ran only 17 campaigns in the first 6 months post-integration. However, upon achieving successful delivery rates of roughly 75-80%, they decided to increase their overall campaign count, which is currently at 82 in the last 5 months alone.

Products Used
In-app Messaging
Elevate mobile experience with contextually relevant in-app messaging
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifcations
RFM Segmentation
Create nuanced segments based on recency, frequency, and monetary value of customer transactions
The Results

With MoEngage, Ahamove was able to:

  • Leverage MoEngage to act as an integrated central omnichannel brain for the 3 business units at Ahamove with advanced segmentation and personalisation.
  • Increase AhaMart conversions via coupon code campaign exceeding target conversions by 87%
  • Seamlessly built automation processes without any constraints in time.
  • Integrated all their third-party engagement and retention tools into one platform.