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Ahamove Sees over 14X Conversions after Partnering with MoEngage

Find out how Ahamove, one of the leading delivery brands in Vietnam were able to integrate its 3 business units with MoEngage using an Insights-led Omnichannel approach to engagement, thereby resulting in an overall uplift in performance

About Ahamove

Serving more than 2.5 million Vietnamese customers in 11 cities with 100,000 drivers, Ahamove focuses on developing its logistics technology and delivery services in the form of fast, inexpensive, long-distance and bulk solutions.

Products Used
In-app Messaging
Push Notification
RFM Segmentation
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Ahamove was able to deploy in-app, banner and email campaigns with ease. This, in turn, increased our traffic and engagement, ultimately leading to a significant increase in the conversion rate of our campaigns.

Quynh Ngo
Head of Marketing, Ahamove
Increase in Monthly Traffic
Increase in Push Notifications Delivery
Business Challenge

The challenge was in data getting stuck in silos and integrating campaigns under one platform for all 3 of their business units and automating functions and processes across teams.


Using MoEngage, Ahamove seamlessly built automation processes without any constraints in time and integrated their business units and their third-party engagement and retention tools into one platform. This saw a significant increase in overall performance.

The Results

With MoEngage, Ahamove was able to:

  • Leverage MoEngage to act as an integrated central omnichannel brain for the 3 business units at Ahamove with advanced segmentation and personalisation.
  • Increase AhaMart conversions via coupon code campaign exceeding target conversions by 87%
  • Seamlessly built automation processes without any constraints in time.
  • Integrated all their third-party engagement and retention tools into one platform.


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