Bijak Leverages MoEngage’s Stylized Push Campaigns to Achieve 50% Uplift in CTR | MoEngage

Bijak Leverages MoEngage’s Stylized Push Campaigns to Achieve 50% Uplift in CTR

Uplift in Push CTR
Increase in customer signups
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Founded in April 2019, Bijak is a B2B marketplace that strives to improve the agri value chain by bringing buyers and sellers together on a single platform. The objective is to enhance transparency in the pricing of agricultural commodities, foster trust, and ensure accountability throughout the agriculture supply chain.


MoEngage’s state-of-the-art dashboard, rich analytics with behavioral insights, and formidable customer support have played an essential role in our growth. With a powerful insights-led, CEP like MoEngage, we aim to proactively bridge the gap between the local aggregators and the commission agents in India to promote healthy, long-term relationships between the entities.

Prerika Arora
Prerika Arora
Assistant Marketing Manager, Bijak
Business Challenge
Before partnering up with MoEngage, sign-ups (i.e., customer onboarding) were an issue due to which Bijak was witnessing a low onboarding rate. Moreover, there was a scope for improvement in customer engagement rates due to a lack of attractive and engaging vernacular-based push notifications.
MoEngage Solution
With the assistance of MoEngage’s platform, Bijak set up journeys, which were essentially a mix of push notifications and SMS’, and saw that customers were completing more numbers of steps while signing up. Bijak also saw an uplift in user reachability by engaging with over 20% more customers in the last three months using MoEngage's Push Amplification® Plus Technology.
Products Used
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifications.
Push Notification Templates
Craft beautiful notifications in minutes using no-code templates.
The Result

Using MoEngage, Bijak was able to:

  • Achieve over 50% uplift in CTR for stylized, vernacular-based push campaigns
  • Reach 20% more customers (in the last three months) using Push Amplification® Plus
  • Clocked a 15% uplift in customer signups after implementing Flows