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Blibli Drives 7X Conversions on Cart Abandonment Campaigns Using Dynamic Product Messaging

Discover how Blibli, one of the largest E-commerce and retail brands in Indonesia adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, which increased conversions of cart abandonment campaigns.

About Blibli

Founded in 2011, Blibli is the pioneer and leading omnichannel commerce brand and lifestyle ecosystem in Indonesia, focusing on serving digitally connected retail and institution consumers nationwide.

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MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging has been a game-changer, helping us garner significantly higher numbers for our email and push campaigns. In fact, our cart abandonment campaigns have performed very well, leading to a 7X conversion rate within a span of just three months, between October to December 2021. These numbers are far higher than the industry average, giving us a clear edge over the competition.

Arga Raka Peterson
CRM Manager, Blibli
Increase in Conversions for Cart Abandonment Campaigns
Uplift in Conversions of Geofence Push Campaigns
Business Challenge

The challenge was to convert online shoppers who added items to the cart but dropped off before making a purchase.


Blibli adopted an insights-led approach to engagement and leveraged MoEngage's Geofence Push campaigns and Dynamic Product Messaging emails, resulting in a positive impact on overall business metrics.

The Results

With MoEngage, Blibli was able to:

  • Improve brand visibility and brand recall value
  • Boost engagement and conversions for their holiday campaigns
  • Adopt an omnichannel insights-led approach to engagement and holistically analyze their customers, seeing a 100% increase in Monthly Transacting Users

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