Introducing Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM): Next-gen Personalization Engine

  • UPDATED: 26 July 2023
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For a consumer brand to achieve success today, it is essential to make their customers know they care. Recent studies have shown that 78% of consumers only take up promotional offers if brand messaging is personalized to their past interactions.

With the ever-increasing volume of emails and push notifications delivered to each user on his mobile, it’s important for consumer businesses to stand out with hyper-personalized content tailored for each user. Since these businesses sell a lot of products, they need automation tools to communicate relevant products to the right people.

Introducing Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM)

Today, we are pleased to announce Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM), a solution designed to help businesses communicate relevant products from their catalog based on user’s browsing history through push notifications (app/ web) and emails. This solution is built upon the platform’s proprietary Sherpa Interaction Graph, which maps each user’s behavior with the products/ content from the catalog and powers these product recommendations.

Here’s a short video on how Dynamic Product Messaging works.

Marketers can set up regular sync of their product catalog and create campaigns targeting specific products to specific audiences, or let MoEngage automatically deliver the most relevant products to people. Products can be shown in single or multi-product creatives. DPM can be customized for use throughout the customer journey, from the discovery of products to the abandonment of shopping carts and continued engagement to drive repeat purchases.

The product has so far been an invitation-only pilot with our customers across South-East Asia, India and Middle-East regions including Tokopedia, Oyo Rooms, and Sivvi. Some of them have seen at-least 2X improvement in conversions with DPM powered communications. We are eager to see how we can extend the benefits to others as well.

Last year, We unveiled our AI Engine – Sherpa to automatically predict the best content, time, and audience for marketing communications, aimed at driving higher conversions. Dynamic Product Messaging was launched with a vision to predict the content automatically; we are glad to pioneer another differentiating technology solving the needs of today’s marketers, and we are ecstatic to see the initial results.

Starting the new year with the launch of Dynamic Product Messaging, I would like to throw light on things we as an organization accomplished in 2017:

  • Boosting revenue by 3X, with some of our international markets growing at 10X.
  • We are now one of the leading CRM in South-East Asia, working with the leaders across verticals like eCommerce, Travel, Media & Entertainment and Financial Services including Tokopedia, Traveloka, Viu, Matahari Mall, Berrybenka,, Babe, Fave Group and Kredivo.
  • A majority of our current customer base use MoEngage to engage users across both the mobile app and web channels, showcasing our cross-channel capabilities. As a company, we have won multiple enterprise customers pitching against the likes of traditional marketing clouds including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, IBM Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Responsys over the last one year.

Click on the button below so one of our engagement experts can reach out and showcase how DPM can help your brand drive engagement and revenue. If you are an existing customer of MoEngage, please feel free to reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager.  Request Demo

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