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Blibli Uplifts Repeat Purchase Rate by 43% Using Tactical Gamification

Increase in the
repeat purchase rate
Boost in engagement
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Blibli is an Indonesian one-stop e-commerce platform pioneering the online shopping mall space. They offer 1000+ products under 16+ categories across grocery, fashion, gadgets, home décor, furniture, and automotive products.


“MoEngage helped us bring in automation for some very crucial activities while allowing us to map customer behavior across our app. After utilizing Analytics, it has become easier to understand our customers— their interests and intentions. We are able to implement data-backed campaigns.”

Fanky Mulia
Fanky Mulia
VP Group Product, BliBli
The Problem
Blibli was having micro-moments with its users either when they made a purchase or added products to the wishlist. However, the brand’s team was not able to engage these users at the right moment with relevant product positioning using other product categories.
MoEngage Solution
Blibli team decided to analyze active users and run campaigns based on that data using MoEngage platform during their anniversary sale. Eventually, they were able to drive more repeat purchases from existing users and new purchases from new users.
Products Used
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
Smart Recommendations
Build personalized experiences by driving most relevant product recommendations.
Tactical Gamification
Uplift engagement significantly by gamifying in-app experiences.
The Result

Using MoEngage’s Customer Insights & Analytical capabilities, the Blibli team ran a repeat purchase campaign during their anniversary sale to drive more repeat purchases from both existing users who had completed a purchase & new users who made a new purchase.

• More than 1 million Blibli customers engaged
• 70% increase in overall customer engagement
• 43% increase in repeat customer purchases
• Gamification-led savings for 35% of customers

Blibli’s data-backed re-engagement strategy – involving segmentation and clustering of existing and new customers – not only increased engagement but also boosted repeat purchases. This boost resulted from the targeted offering of products to customers based on their last purchase and search history.

The team also leveraged MoEngage’s tactical gamification to build in-app pop-ups that redirected customers to a game on order completion where they could win coupons and buy from other categories. This not only helped with instant gratification but also drove customers to discover new categories on their own.