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Gaana Boosts Premium Subscriptions and Drives App Engagement with MoEngage

Discover how Gaana achieved a 120% uplift in premium customer subscriptions on its platform using MoEngage’s carousel push notifications, advanced segmentation, and personalized engagement.

About Gaana

Gaana is a leading online music streaming service used by over 150 million monthly active users across the globe. It uses AI-enabled recommendations for curating a highly personalized listening experience for all its users.

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MoEngage’s advanced segmentation and personalized engagement channels have helped us deliver an unparalleled listening experience to our users. MoEngage push notifications help us achieve up to 120% uplift in subscriptions for premium account drive up to 10% DAU (Daily Active Users) on the app.

Nachiketa Arya
Product Manager for Engagement, Gaana
Uplift in Gaana+
‘Premium Subscriptions’
Daily Active Users
through Push Notifications
The Problem

Gaana was looking for ways to drive new users towards the premium subscription, raise the active user count and also increase the number of music streams by users on the app.

The Solution

Using MoEngage’s industry-leading segmentation platform, Smart Triggers, carousel notifications and journeys, Gaana was able to meet the challenges head-on and positively impact their business.

The Result

To drive new customers to Gaana+ premium subscription, the team used MoEngage to create lifecycle campaigns and nudged customers to activate a 14-day premium free trial. Closer to trial expiry, reminders of premium benefits were sent using automated campaigns.

• 120% uplift in Gaana+ premium subscriptions
• 2 out of 3 customers who engaged with push notifications, played a song on the app.
• 10% of DAUs were driven via MoEngage push notifications

To increase engagement, Gaana created customer segments based on personal music preferences and deployed engagement campaigns to deliver large-scale personalization. And to bring customer attention to the latest music, Gaana used MoEngage’s carousel push notifications with rich, personalized content.

With consistent music streams being synonymous with good health for Gaana, they used MoEngage’s superior segmentation and push notifications to reach out to customers with their choice of music. This increased streaming, with 2 out of 3 customers who engaged with these notifications, playing a song.

Learn How Gaana Boosted Premium Subscriptions with MoEngage

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