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Kredivo Uses MoEngage Automated Flows to Influence Up To 40% Conversions

Discover how Kredivo used MoEngage's Push Amplification® and Flows to increase delivery of push notifications by 20% and experienced a 40% boost in customer conversions.

About Kredivo

Kredivo is one of the fastest growing and the stickiest digital payment channels for e-commerce in Indonesia. It gives customers instant credit financing for e-commerce purchases and personal loans based on real-time decisions.

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Constant engagement and personalization are critical for user retention and conversions. MoEngage helps us achieve both in an effective manner. The platform helps us improve user experience significantly resulting in an uplift in our reach and ROI.

Najwa Assilmi
Product Analyst, Kredivo
Uplift in Push Notifications Delivery
Conversion Rate for Triggered Emails
The Problem

Online shoppers today use at least two devices before they make a purchase. Staying with these users every step of the way was a challenge that Kredivo wanted to overcome.

MoEngage Solution

Using MoEngage, Kredivo implemented an omnichannel engagement strategy to engage and convert new users.

The Result

With a majority of online shoppers using atleast two devices before making a purchase, the Kredivo team wanted to stay with their customers every step of the way with consistent messaging across channels and devices, using a single engagement platform.

• 20% uplift in Push Notifications delivery
• 64% conversion rate for triggered emails
• 40% conversions influenced by MoEngage Flows

Using MoEngage’s Push Amplification®, the Kredivo team were able to track the push notifications sent to their customers. MoEngage’s Push Amplification® module acted as a fall-back to GCM and assisted by delivering the push notifications again to those devices, with a failed delivery status.

Customers who had approved installments were sent custom offers through push and email to upsell new products via the MoEngage platform. The platform also helped seek feedback and ratings on Play and Apple store from those customers who had completed in-app transactions using automated emails.

How Kredivo Ramped Up Conversions Using Omnichannel Engagement

Discover how the Indonesian fintech brand improved conversion rate and push notification delivery