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How Lifestyle Improves Customer Retention by 30% Using Dynamic Engagement Strategy

Discover how Lifestyle used MoEngage’s smart segmentation, dynamic campaigns, and relevant messaging to re-engage with customers, leading to 20% lower cart abandonment and 30% higher retention.

About Lifestyle

Lifestyle is India’s leading fashion destination for latest trends. Part of Dubai based conglomerate – The Landmark Group, this brand is a one-stop-shop for products across apparel, footwear, handbags, and beauty categories.

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MoEngage powers our end-to-end strategies for customer engagement, retention, and user journey mapping. It has helped us to reduce our cart abandonment by 20% and improved the retention rate by 30%.

Joydeep Das
Lead Digital Marketing, Lifestyle
Improvement in Retention Rate
Boost in Conversion Rate
Business Need

Lifestyle observed that even with more than 1 million app installs, their current active user base on the app was only 15K. This was due to users' app inactivity and user drop-offs during the purchase stage.

MoEngage Solution

Lifestyle employed MoEngage platform to implement a purchase funnel-based engagement strategy. Using MoEngage, the brand performed RFM analysis to identify right segments and created personalized smart-triggered campaigns to drive conversion.

The Result

Using the MoEngage platform, the team decided to implement their purchase funnel-based end-to-end customer engagement strategy to tackle inactive users & user drop-offs. This involved Funnel Segmentation, Personalized Engagement & Omni-channel flow campaigns.

• 4X boost in conversion rate
• 170% shorter conversion time
• 20% decline in cart abandonment
• 30% improvement in retention rate

Using MoEngage’s RFM Analysis the team identified the right segments of target audience to focus on – such as price-sensitive customers, loyal customers, and lost customers – who were further segmented based on their funnel stage. Insights from this were used to identify & target drop-off customers.

To activate drop-off customers, the team created personalized omnichannel flow campaigns using MoEngage Flows and triggered communication across email, push, and SMS to drive users towards purchase completion. This led to a 4X increase in conversions from “Add To Cart” to“Payment Complete” stage.

How Lifestyle Executes Dymanic Engagement Strategy

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