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Mamikos Boosts Room Rental Bookings by 20% Using MoEngage Analytics

About Mamikos

Mamikos, Indonesia’s most popular room rental app, found back in 2015 to offer an easy, accurate yet trusted room rental services. The brand has been offering long-stay room rental services to over 2 million users.

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MoEngage helps us get a 360° view of our users. This helps us build a user-centric approach to our product experience and marketing communication.

Toni Indrawan
Product Manager, Mamikos
Boost in room rental bookings
Improvement in CTRs on conversion campaigns
The Problem

Mamikos wanted to understand user drop-off and encourage more and more users to complete bookings using their app or website.

MoEngage Solution

Mamikos analyzes user behavior at different stages to understand drop-offs and create user journeys. Also, offered personalized messaging based on user behavior for better engagement.

Additional Information

MoEngage is an advanced AWS partner. The strategic partnership with AWS further enhances the company’s developmental and cloud capabilities to deliver best-in-class marketing automation solutions. AWS helps MoEngage captures and processes millions of customer events every hour and leverage that data to power real-time personalized marketing.

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