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Mamikos witnesses 31% Higher Click Through Rates with Mobile Push Notification Templates

Discover how Mamikos used MoEngage’s Push Notification Templates to improve their push notification click-through rates by 31%, leading to a 35% increase in overall booking completions.

About Mamikos

Mamikos aims to make finding and booking long-stay accommodations easy and safe for all. Over 2M customers use the Mamikos app to find accommodations, view photos, contact owners, complete bookings, and even pay rent & bills.

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“By using Push Templates, our Push Notifications are far more interesting since we can customize the background and font colors to stand out from other apps’ Push Notifications. This, of course, helps increase the CTRs.”

Jonathan Gozali
Digital Marketing Manager
Higher Push Notification CTR
More booking confirmations
The Problem

In a world where users’ devices are crowded with multiple notifications, Mamikos was on the lookout for new practices that would make their push notifications stand out and drive higher engagement for their push campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

MoEngage Push Templates helped Mamikos’ team improve engagement for their push notification campaigns significantly and positively impact the overall conversions on the app.

The Result

Notification alerts for booking activities such as availability, rent changes and more, formed the backbone of Mamikos’s engagement. With their success heavily reliant on push, the team leveraged MoEngage’s Push Templates to make their notifications stand out.

• 31% boost in Push Notifications CTR
• 35% increase in booking completions

MoEngage helped the team deploy beautiful-looking notifications within minutes with zero code. Post template selection, the team could now customize notifications using an editor and make the notifications attractive enough to catch customer attention, in the overcrowded notification tray.

Using MoEngage’s A/B test feature, the team tested the efficacy of this approach by sending the Stylized Push Notification to one set of customers and Generic Push Notification to the other set in the same segment. This resulted in higher engagement, uplift in CTRs, more app opens and more bookings.



“When you want to uplift engagement with least effort from the development team, Moengage Push Template is the answer”

Shavira Adeva
Associate Product Manager

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