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MANO Observes a 50% Rise in App Activation Rates Using Personalised Communication

Learn how adopting an insights-led engagement approach enabled MANO to optimise onboarding and nudge the customer to make their first purchase.

About MANO

MANO is a next-generation E-commerce brand, pioneering ultra-fast grocery delivery in Africa. In a market relatively new to the concept of Grocery Delivery apps, MANO is making its mark through its customer-centric approach and its focus on facilitating a frictionless experience.

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Our core goal was to create an omnichannel strategy and personalise real-time communication. To successfully engage with your customers, you must reach out to them at the right time, through the right channels with the right content. MoEngage has allowed us to do that and given us complete visibility into customer activity across channels on one platform, making it very easy to build engagement campaigns.

Rodrigo Sciammarella
CRM Lead at MANO
Increase in app activation rates
Increase in engagement through re-engagement/win-back campaigns
Business Need

Earlier, MANO relied heavily on ad-hoc push notifications and SMS to communicate with its customers. They quickly noticed that using different platforms to engage with customers on these two channels led to gaps in the insights they captured and resulted in increased manual efforts to update customer data on an excel or CSV to run engagement campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

MANO adopted an insights-led omnichannel approach, using MoEngage’s RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Segmentation and Flows to unify and personalise their engagement campaigns. This ensured a frictionless onboarding experience and helped them educate customers on how to use the app to get maximum value. The brand also used insights on customer activity and the most preferred channel to increase holiday purchases during Christmas.

The Result

The cornerstone of MANO’s new customer engagement strategy was to map the customer journey and micro-moments to personalise communication across multiple channels like push notifications, SMS, emails, in-app notifications etc. With MoEngage, the brand was able to achieve:

  • 51% Increase in app activation rates 
  • 27% increase in engagement through re-engagement/win-back campaigns
  • 2X sales through an omni-channel customer engagement strategy, powered by personalization and RFM segmentation