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MyDeal Boosts Conversions by 2X With A Mobile-Forward Engagement Strategy

About MyDeal case-study-brand-logo

MyDeal is Australia’s leading online retail marketplace that provides customers with quality products from trusted retailers. Launched in 2011 by Sean Senvirtne, MyDeal has since expanded its product portfolio to include categories such as furniture, lifestyle, home and garden, baby and kids, appliances, tech, and more.


MoEngage is the right partner for a brand like MyDeal. From its intuitive, easy-to-use AI-enabled platform to the implementation and post-implementation support, our experience has been extremely positive. MoEngage has been very helpful to us owing to the tech stack and the wonderful customer success support we have received from the team.

Suhaib Anwar
Suhaib Anwar
Head of Growth and Martech

MoEngage’s seamless and swift integration into MyDeal's tech ecosystem has saved much time and effort from MyDeal’s tech and growth team. MyDeal now has automated its customer engagement strategy.

Building high-performance campaigns with push notifications

Push Notifications help MyDeal to bring customers back to the app. Based on the customer interaction with the app, MyDeal sends promotional campaigns, behavior-based campaigns that target customer actions like item viewed’ or ‘added to cart’, and targeted campaigns for cart or browser abandonment.

On the customer’s app inbox, time-critical and essential notifications are landed. For example, a customer who abandons their cart will receive push notifications containing a time-sensitive, personalized discount code. Since it’s personalized, it catches customers' attention and prompts them to purchase.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifications.