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OptimizeFT Employs MoEngage’s Journey Orchestration to Enhance Customer Journeys

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About OptimizeFT case-study-brand-logo

OptimizeFT (Optimize Financial Technology) is a California-based digital banking software that powers payment cards and consumer applications. The brand’s goal is to allow consumers to better manage finances like budgets, setting and managing savings goals, and more.

OptimizeFT’s platform consolidates payment card processing and disparate back-end systems, payment enablement solutions, and turnkey digital banking programs.

The Problem

OptimizeFT was using an in-built system to orchestrate communication directly with third-party vendors like Airship and Twilio. The integration of the system was tied to the development schedule of their core platform. So, making changes required the team to wait for standard platform deployments. The whole process was cumbersome and inefficient.


Provide cost-effective solution to both big and small organizations without compromising critical features.

Analyze, monitor and optimize user preferences and send real-time updates for enhanced user experience.

Minimize the operational hassle involved in integration and customer interactions.

The Problem

MoEngage’s smooth sales process allowed us to get our queries resolved quickly and efficiently. One feature that stood out to us was MoEngage’s customer journeys and decision-making trees (Flows). It ticked all our boxes. I would definitely recommend MoEngage to others, I have on separate occasions. MoEngage is really good with their customer education, be it conducting discussion forums or customer interactions.

Mike Corrales
Mike Corrales
Vice President- Client Success
MoEngage Solution

OptimizeFT needed a multichannel approach to communicate with their clients via triggered campaigns. MoEngage team suggested OptimizeFT to employ triggered Flows campaign using channels like SMS, email, in-app, and push notifications.

Streamlined Processes

Mapped customer journeys allowed OptimizeFT to look back at the customers’ needs to optimize their journey and making their onboarding experience smoother.

Personalized Communication

On-the-go Customization

MoEngage offered out-of-the-box features, using which OptimizeFT could replicate existing campaigns for white-label products. Accordingly, they could customize product communication based on customers' preferences.

Competitive Pricing

With MoEngage, OptimizeFT kept its pricing competitive. It could meet the expectations of its big clients and also cater to smaller clients.

Products Used
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifcations
The Result
  • The team could now meet their customer expectations with ease.
  • They were able to take client requests such as adding elements or changes in messaging, ensuring happy and satisfied clients.
  • They were also able to make real-time adjustments to continually improve and iterate on the product.

The OptimizeFT team mapped customer journeys to analyze customer needs, optimize their journey, and smoother their onboarding experience. For on-the-go customization, MoEngage offered out-of-the-box features using which the team could replicate existing campaigns for white label products.

With MoEngage, OptimizeFT was able to keep its pricing competitive and meet the expectations of its clients of all sizes. By effectively executing relevant solutions using MoEngage’s features, OptimizeFT could now notice a clear improvement in processes compared to their previous campaigns.