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OYO Rooms Observes 8X Increase In Engagement with Seamless Omnichannel User Engagement

Discover how OYO Rooms tackled low delivery rates with MoEngage’s Dynamic Product Messaging, Advanced Analytics, and Push Amplification to achieve a 44% boost in push notification delivery rates.

About OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is a hospitality unicorn that is valued over $1 billion. It has 1800 hotel properties located across 500 cities. OYO is known for its technology-driven process that has a heavy emphasis on user experience and engagement. Its USP is that it allows users to book hotel rooms in 3 taps or less than 5 seconds.

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“MoEngage is a highly scalable tool that complements OYO’s growth plans. They have a product team that work with agility to deliver new product feature requests in less than a quarter. We are also thoroughly impressed with the customer success team that gives quick resolutions for all our queries.”

Pranav Kumar
Increase in Engagement Campaigns
Increase in CTR
The Problem

OYO’s customers interact through multiple channels including web, email, and mobile app. Ensuring uniform and seamless user engagement across all channels proved to be difficult when OYO started scaling on a global level.

MoEngage Solution

As an omnichannel campaign management tool, MoEngage enabled OYO to deliver seamless omnichannel user engagement. It helped send personalized hotel recommendations and offers that increased CTR by 5x.

Additional Information

MoEngage is an advanced AWS partner. The strategic partnership with AWS further enhances the company’s developmental and cloud capabilities to deliver best-in-class marketing automation solutions. AWS helps MoEngage captures and processes millions of customer events every hour and leverage that data to power real-time personalized marketing.

How OYO Optimized Customer Journeys and Launched Industry-first Initiatives with MoEngage

Learn How OYO Rooms Increased Engagement With MoEngage

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