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How Pro360 Grew Their Subscribers by 2.6x Using Smart Triggers

Discover how Pro360, one of the largest lead generations platforms in Taiwan, grew their subscribers by an insights-led approach to engagement.

About PRO360

PRO360 Inc. is one of the largest lead generation platforms in Taiwan. The company helps consumers find local professionals while bringing new customers for business owners.

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By implementing MoEngage, we have saved hundreds of man-hours that would have been wasted in managing campaigns across platforms. More importantly, MoEngage has resolved the challenges of our customer data being siloed Further, MoEngage helps us to customize and build campaigns based on the customer journey. All of this has resulted in a 2.6x growth in our web push subscribers. We have also seen higher CTRs for our emails and push notifications through MoEngage.

LC Lee
Founder and CEO
Increase in Subscribers
Increase in MAUs
Business Challenge

The challenge was to automate their campaigns, understand how their campaigns fared and optimize them accordingly to boost business metrics.


PRO360 adopted an insights-led approach to engagement and used MoEngage's smart triggered campaigns and omnichannel flows, resulting in a positive impact on overall business metrics.

The Results

With MoEngage, PRO360 was able to:

  • Automate campaigns easily, thereby reducing turnaround times
  • Connect effectively with customers in and out of the app and website
  • Increase the number of MAUs

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