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How VieON Improved MAUs by 3X Using Insights-led Engagement

increase in Monthly Active Users across the app
increase in paid subscribers driving revenue growth
About Vie.ON case-study-brand-logo

Launched on 15th June 2020, VieON is DatVietVAC’s new streaming service. With the launch of VieON during the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, DatVietVAC aims to drive a new standard of streaming in the Vietnamese market and to bring a best-in-class experience across mobile phones, SmartTVs, and desktops. The platform is home to an unrivaled library of high-quality, 4K, in-demand content, with over hundreds of traditional and international TV channels, more than 100,000 hours of copyrighted content, and exclusive rst airing of hit series like ‘Gao Nep Gao Te’, ‘Cay tao no hoa’ and web drama ‘Hai Duong Trong Gio’. Leveraging a deeper understanding of local tastes, VieON is focused on content that will resonate with the Vietnamese audience by celebrating their culture and history.

Business Challenge

With a sizable customer base in the 18-54 year old age group (predominantly female audience), VieON is focused on adding more male viewers by expanding and adding more sports-related content on their app. The challenge was two fold: driving more active users to the app on a monthly basis, and optimizing revenue growth by upselling more paid subscriptions. In order to accomplish either of these goals, the OTT platform has to meaningfully engage their audience. It was crucial to add more relevance and personalized touch to the communication that went out to their audience. The team at VieON ensured that, by creating various customer segments and sending them content recommendations, the OTT is thereby catering to their preferences.

Business Challenge

MoEngage enables us to set up various flows to retarget both new and old users. We've used push notifications, in-app communications, and emails to reach and provide customers with a relevant and personalized experience. We aim to deepen our customer understanding and delight them even more!

Anh-Phuong Nguyen Vo
Anh-Phuong Nguyen Vo
Senior Marketing Manager
How VieON optimized their engagement strategy and achieved their goals

The team currently utilizes MoEngage’s insights-led platform to understand customer affinity to certain types of content along with capturing information such as name, age and gender. Based on the content affinity and preferences, the team at VieON utilizes Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM) to map product recommendations to different customer segments and run triggered campaigns. These campaigns would be personalized based on actions taken by the customer in the app. So, for instance if a customer is more inclined to consuming K-dramas, they would be engaged using similar program recommendations.

VieON drives meaningful customer engagement

By using DPM and content APIs along with RFM segmentation, the team at VieON is able to personalize communications across push notifications, in-app, and email, to run Facebook retargeting campaigns, and to send package consumption reminders and other relevant communication which provided an uplift of 7-8% in conversions. The team also aims to use onsite messaging and in-app communication to extract deeper customer insights in order to personalize their experience even better. Using these customer insights to run engaging campaigns, the team at VieON observed a 3X increase in Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and a 5X increase in paid subscribers, thus driving growth across active usage and revenue growth metrics.

Products Used
Omnichannel Flows
Create connected experiences at every stage of customer journey across channels using Omnichannel Flows.
RFM Segmentation
Smart Recommendations
Build personalized experiences by driving most relevant product recommendations.
The Result

The VieON team used MoEngage to automate audience communication across channels like push, and email and set up various workflows across the customer lifecycle journey. They personalized their marketing communication and launched them on various triggers.

• 3X increase in MAUs
• 5X increase in paid subscribers
• 2x increase in DAUs

The team also used MoEngage to understand customer affinity towards certain content types, along with capturing key information. Based on their content affinity and preferences, the team used dynamic messaging to map product recommendations to different customer segments and ran trigger campaigns.

Using MoEngage’s DPM and RFM segmentation, the VieON team was able to roll out personalized customer messaging across channels and send package consumption reminders, which boosted conversions by 7-8%. The team also used onsite messaging and in-app communication to extract deeper customer insights.