How WOW Skin Science Clocked a 10-12X Uplift in ROI Using MoEngage

WOW Skin Science Clocks a 10-12X Uplift in ROI

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uplift in ROI
lesser spends with the same revenue rates
About WOW Skin Science case-study-brand-logo

WOW Skin Science is a popular Indian skincare and haircare brand that offers a wide range of natural and holistic products.


Business Challenge

WOW Skin Science was on the lookout for a platform that could help the brand seamlessly segment customers, understand their behavior and personalize communications at scale.

The brand's short-term goal was to garner maximum amount of conversions by targeting customers with the right messaging. One the other hand, the long-term goal was to disseminate automated customer journeys to help with customer retention.

Business Challenge

Our previous platform was not attuned to the scale at which we wanted to operate at. With MoEngage, we have a partner that is extremely rich in features and comes with great customer support. So instead of dealing with multiple vendors, we get a one-stop solution for everything under under the sun!

Sudeep Bansal
Sudeep Bansal
VP-Growth, WOW Skin Science

With MoEngage, integration is incredibly easy and seamless compared to any other tool in the market. Another stellar aspect of the platform is the increased operational efficiency. From 7-8 days without MoEngage to just 20-30 minutes with MoEngage- that's the kind of dip in lead time we've witnessed when setting up campaigns. And, the support team (i.e., the Customer Success team) as well, is amazing!

Shalini Sahu
Shalini Sahu
Retention Lead, WOW Skin Science
MoEngage Solution

The WOW team used MoEngage to send out hyper-personalized communications across channels like InApp, SMS, Push, and WhatsApp. This resulted in the brand clocking record-breaking user sessions and order purchases during its birthday sale!

Driving increase in operational efficiency

The team felt that with MoEngage, the integration was incredibly easy and seamless. It also helped increase the operational efficiency from 7-8 days (without MoEngage) to just 20-30 minutes (with MoEngage). This dip in lead time for campaign set up combined with the support that MoEngage provided was a game changer for WOW Skin Science team.

Products Used
Custom Segments
Create easy-to-use cohorts based on behavioral, funnel, and RFM analysis.
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics.
Customer Journey Orchestration
Create unique, seamless experiences at every stage of your customer’s journey.
The Result

Using MoEngage, WOW Skin Science was able to:

  • Observe a 10-12X uplift in ROI
  • Clock the same revenue rates 40% lesser spends
  • Achieve a 40% uplift in the Install to First Purchase Metrics
  • Witness a 10% uplift in conversions of high-intent customers