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XL Axiata Drives 22% Increase in App Stickiness and Improves Customer Engagement

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Conversion rate for their rewards program
Increase in click-through rates via A/B testing on weekend deals
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XL Axiata is one of Indonesia’s largest telecom operators, offering businesses and customer mobile and telecommunications network services. Their services include Fixed Broadband internet services, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), closed fixed network services, SMS broadcasting, enterprise mobile solutions, Fixed Connectivity, Cloud & Data Center, and Internet of Things.


“MoEngage’s seamless interface makes it easy for team members without much technical expertise to benefit from the platform. The insights offered by MoEngage help us to improve our customer experience, drive scalable growth, and optimize our key business metrics.”

Reza Zahid Mirza
Reza Zahid Mirza
Group Head Corporate Communication, XL Axiata
Building a robust onboarding strategy

Successful customer engagement begins with successful onboarding. By acing customer onboarding, XL Axiata sets itself up for long-term success in terms of customer retention and app stickiness. Effective onboarding also drives product awareness and adoption of new features, games, and campaigns among its diverse customer base.

Their onboarding process has contributed to a 22% increase in their average app stickiness from 2021 to 2022, compared to the industry benchmark of 17%. Refining their onboarding process was a stepping stone for them to keep scaling and growing without hiccups.

AI-driven optimization to personalize communications

Optimizing campaigns to suit customer behavior, action, and preferences helps XL Axiata boost conversions. MoEngage’s AI engine, Sherpa, helps XL-Axiata optimize its campaigns and flows by providing intelligence on the best time to communicate and the most preferred channels.

By combining A/B testing and segmentation aggregation, XL Axiata saw a 16-17% boost in their CTRs.

Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Optimize campaigns and drive high ROI with AI-powered, Sherpa
Customer Insights & Analytics
Create omnichannel, personalized experiences using AI-powered insights and analytics
The Results

With MoEngage, XL Axiata was able to:

  • Gain easy access to advanced insights like customer preferences and affinities
  • Automate customer engagement at scale and reduce manual effort in setting up new campaigns
  • Massively improve their app stickiness and conversion rates for their rewards program