In this video, Ruturaj, Senior Growth Product Manager, at Wynk Music shares his thoughts on how they were able to use MoEngage’s advanced capabilities and understand dormant user preferences, communicate accordingly, and uplift dormant user engagement by 30! 

About Wynk Music

Wynk Music by Airtel is home to India’s largest mobile entertainment platforms for music and on-the-go entertainment. With over 100 million App Installs, Wynk houses 15 million songs in 14 languages and boasts 3+ billion Monthly Song Plays. Their audience is mainly made up of urban students and young professionals. 

Identifying the Challenge

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the music industry was witnessing a halt in terms of new music releases and the industry on a whole was facing a supply problem. This led to Wynk observing a great deal of dormant behavior amongst their customers.

The Solution: Insights-led Engagement 

The team then used MoEngage’s insights-led platform to identify these dormant users, pinpoint their preferred music choices, and rigorously recommend the same using Push Notification campaigns. 

The Results

By opting for an Insights-led Engagement strategy, Wynk was able to successfully resurrect its dormant user base by up to 30%! 

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