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How Airtel Xstream achieved their North Star Metrics for Growth using MoEngage


About Airtel Xstream

Xstream, Airtel’s video streaming platform, was started to revolutionize the way people experience entertainment and reshape the mobile entertainment streaming landscape by pushing the boundaries of technology for the greatest cause there is – Entertainment. Over 17 million people currently access 350+ Live TV Channels, 10000+ Movies, 100+ TV Shows, Originals, and much more on the Xstream iOS and Android mobile apps.

What was the challenge?

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed content consumption from static to dynamic. Consumers across geographies are more alert now and need a consistent and continuous feed of information and entertainment.

How was it solved?

The growth and content teams at Airtel Xstream understood this shift and with the help of MoEngage, segmented their users and served real-time notifications of Live News, Cricket, Shows, and E-Sports.
conversion rate from in-app interstitials
user retention rate on mobile apps

What They Say About MoEngage

MoEngage has made a significant impact on our North Star Growth metrics. During the India-Australia cricket series, our streaming statistics were at an all-time high, and we witnessed a retention rate of 61.4% on our mobile platforms. I would definitely recommend MoEngage to Mobile Marketers and Growth teams at Media & Entertainment brands.
Sahil Bhojwani
Growth Marketing Manager @ Airtel Xstream
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned that content consumption became more dynamic. We understood this gap and fulfilled the demand with the help of MoEngage by segmenting the users and serving real-time notification of Live News, Cricket, Shows, and E-Sports, resulting in higher Click-through and Conversion Rates.
Sunil Rath
Content Marketing Manager @ Airtel Xstream
To engage our users during major live events like the India-Australia cricket series, we relied heavily on MoEngage’s capability to send Push Notifications in real-time and used in-app messages to increase content consumption.
Sahil Bhojwani
Growth Marketing Manager @ Airtel Xstream

Learn How Airtel Xstream Boosted North Star Growth Metrics with MoEngage

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