Insight-Led Engagement: How Can Media & Entertainment Brands Engage and Retain Millions of Users Efficiently

  • UPDATED: 26 December 2022
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Your audience consumes all forms of content – music, podcasts, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports highlights, breaking news, and articles. These are millions of users with billions of preferences.

Getting these users hooked to your product is easier said than done. So, how do the top Media & Entertainment brands do it? How do they increase content consumption, frequency of use, and time spent on their apps? How do they reduce plan unsubscription, user churn, uninstalls, and downgrades?

The answer lies in insight-led engagement.


Introducing the insight-led engagement growth flywheel

This growth flywheel has four steps. You can find detailed information about each step below and how you can go about implementing it using MoEngage.

Step 1: Analyze and Predict

Step 1 of insight-led engagement: Analyze & Predict
Step 1 of insight-led engagement: Analyze & Predict

Marketers and Product Managers of the top global Media & Entertainment brands use MoEngage Analytics to analyze users and predict behavior like:

  • The most active time of the day – knowing this will help you predict when your customers use your platform, allowing you to communicate effectively at the perfect time
  • Preferred communication channels – this information will help you pick the right marketing channel to get your message across, whether it is emails, push notifications, in-app messages, social media advertisements, or text messages
  • Content preferences – understanding what each customer prefers to watch will enable you to send the right content recommendations and increase the value you bring in to your customer’s lives
  • Likelihood of churn – by being able to predict when a customer is going to uninstall your app or unsubscribe from their current plan, you can whip up retention and win-back campaigns at the right time

Step 2: Personalize

Step 2 of insight-led engagement: Personalize
Step 2 of insight-led engagement: Personalize

Based on these insights and user trends, Marketers and Product Managers then use this data to send relevant content recommendations to each user, announce the latest releases, and personalize communication depending on user properties like name and location.

While personalizing your communication, it is always a good idea to look at it in layers. Here is how you can visualize the different layers of personalization:

The different layers of personalization
The different layers of personalization

Segmentation sits at the core of personalization. The better your segmentation is, the more relevant your communication will be. Follow these steps to build an effective personalization strategy:

  1. Since most streaming services limit the available content based on a customer’s geographical location, start your segmentation there. This will help you create a superset of available content or news pieces that you can show as recommendations.
  2. Next, leverage your customers’ past behavior on your mobile app or website to gauge content affinity. It could be that one song genre your customer prefers listening to every Monday morning. It could be that one new thriller movie that’s released. It could be the highlights of the biggest Premier League match in England. Or, it could also be that article about the Mars Preservation rover.
  3. Use your customers’ preferred language to communicate with them. Brands that communicate in vernacular languages tend to have a higher recall rate than those that don’t. Today’s smartphones, laptops, desktops, and consoles support languages that about 98% of people all over the world speak fluently. Also, adding the first name of your customer in your email, text message, or push notification can significantly increase your campaigns’ performance.
  4. Lastly, pick the right communication channel. Your customers will not step up and tell you their preferred channel. Use data to understand this. Look at the performance of your emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and text messages to get a better picture of how each customer prefers to receive your messages.

Step 3: Engage

Step 3 of insight-led engagement: Engage
Step 3 of insight-led engagement: Engage

Next, Marketers and Product Managers use MoEngage to drive user engagement and increase the pool of active users by orchestrating data-driven omnichannel user journeys, increasing user reachability across multiple communication channels, and optimizing the performance of engagement campaigns using machine learning.

MoEngage’s proprietary offering, Sherpa, enables you to pick the right time and messaging for your push notifications, emails, and text messages. On MoEngage’s customer engagement platform, you can create static and dynamic multivariate tests to optimize the click-through rates (CTRs) of your engagement campaigns.

using moengage sherpa to optimize campaign CTRs
Using MoEngage Sherpa to optimize campaign CTRs

An important factor for successful engagement is user reachability. Media & Entertainment brands that use MoEngage reach up to 40% more customers on mobile devices than others. The longer your user stays inactive on your mobile app, the lower chances they have to receive a push notification from you. Push Amplification+, a technology pioneered by MoEngage, ensures that push notification delivery sees up to a 50% uplift for 30-day active customers and 40% uplift for inactive customers.

Recommended read: We’ve used Machine Learning to analyze over 750 campaigns sent to more than 70 million mobile app users and built a framework that accurately predicts push notification delivery. You can read it here.

Step 4: Retain

Step 4 of insight-led engagement: Retain
Step 4 of insight-led engagement: Retain

Lastly, Marketers and Product Managers of the top global Media & Entertainment brands retain users by informing them about abandoned content, sending subscription renewal reminders, and announcing plan upgrades at the right moment.

Here is where having an omnichannel strategy instead of a multichannel strategy for your win-back campaigns will give you an upper hand. Leveraging text messages and emails together is a great way to reach out to users who have already uninstalled your mobile app. On the other hand, once you’ve identified a user on the verge of churn, try using a combination of emails and push notifications to communicate with them.

Global Media & Entertainment brands have seen up to a 120% increase in subscriptions after using MoEngage to engage and retain their users through insight-led engagement. What’s stopping you?


Who is this growth flywheel for?

Marketing and Growth managers, Product Managers, and Customer Engagement Professionals from the following types of services can use this growth flywheel to create a cascading effect of successful engagement and retention.

  • Audio streaming brands – music, podcasts, audiobooks,
  • Video streaming brands – TV shows, web series, movies, documentaries,
  • News brands and digital publications, and
  • Sports brands

19 ways you can leverage insight-led engagement

Here are a few different ways you can use the insight-led engagement approach for multiple use-cases:

User onboarding and activation

  1. Nudge your new users towards a free trial by creating a User Journey Flow
  2. Use in-app interstitials to capture their content preferences (favorite TV genres, music, preferred news, or sports interests)
  3. Suggest trending content that aligns with their preferences at frequent intervals
  4. Remind users when their free trial is about to end and ask them to move to premium plans
  5. Analyze which content is leading to more users converting to paid subscriptions

Engagement and product traction

  1. Send personalized content recommendations based on your users’ content preferences
  2. Notify users when a new episode is launched for a series they follow or when their favorite artists drop new music albums
  3. Inform your users about upcoming music artist tours, live tournaments, and games from the sports they follow
  4. If someone frequently spends time in a jogging park, notify them to download a workout playlist before they start the day
  5. Personalize the experience of the website for each user based on their artist/genre preferences and their browsing history
  6. Build a “what to watch next” or “new additions” module on your mobile app with cards that are personalized for each user
  7. Notify users when their wishlists are fulfilled (about their favorite movies/TV shows/music albums/sports highlights)

Retention and reactivation

  1. Send content abandoned notifications and emails to users who pause a video or a music playlist in between and do not come back for the next 24 hours
  2. Notify users to add songs to their newly created, empty playlists
  3. Inform your churned/unsubscribed users when a new and popular show/movie/music album is launched
  4. Ask users for feedback when they achieve content consumption goals, and if they rate your mobile app above 4, ask them to drop a rating score on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  5. Nudge the most active users to refer a friend and get rewarded
  6. Identify premium subscription users who have recently become dormant and run campaigns to prevent their churn
  7. Send emails to users who have uninstalled your app with a list of recommended content (movies, TV shows, documentaries, music playlists, newsreels, or sports highlights) based on their watchlist

Conclusion and next steps

When today’s consumers consent to their data being collected by media streaming services and digital publications, they expect brands to put this data to good use. This is where insight-led engagement comes into the picture. By leveraging insights gathered from this user data, you must ensure every digital micro-moment is highly relevant and personalized for your users.

The insight-led engagement growth flywheel consists of four steps:

  1. Analyze & Predict,
  2. Personalize,
  3. Engage, and
  4. Retain

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform that enables the top media & Entertainment brands to leverage this flywheel to engage and retain millions of users efficiently. You can request a demo of MoEngage here.

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