21 Amazing E-Commerce Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

  • UPDATED: 27 November 2023
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The E-commerce industry experienced unprecedented growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns across the globe meant that consumers had to find other ways to meet their needs.

In 2020, the E-commerce industry was worth nearly $183 billion in the US alone.

Since then, many people have moved to online selling, a much more lucrative business model than brick and mortar stores. Let’s shed light on 21 E-commerce marketing tools you can leverage to boost conversions for your online store.

Our Top Picks for Must-Have E-commerce Marketing Tools

Below we’ve divided up these tools into relevant categories for easy browsing.

Let our digital experts show you how to leverage our platform to power your onboarding, engagement, retention, and growth strategies.

Conversion Optimization

Check out some of our favorite conversion optimization tools below!


Optimizely helps track conversion optimization

Whether you want A/B testing, website personalization, content management, or digital experience platform (DXP) optimization, Optimizely provides you with everything you need.

AB Tasty

Learn which E-commerce marketing tools like AB testy is useful

You can revolutionize your brand and product experiences with AB tasty, an AI-powered experimentation and personalization tool that features product optimization and management.


This is how Weave can help with conversion optimization

Weave is your remote business toolbox. If you want to manage your platform without the hassle of going to work or getting online, Weave is the right choice since it’s like having a small business phone system in your pocket.

Jotform Sign

Jotform sign screenshot

Jotform Sign is an electronic signature solution that allows its users to fasten the signing process by offering a flexible build-and-send document structure.  You can choose from 600+ readymade templates, share them with your signers and easily collect legally binding signatures.

SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Choose the right keywords with Google keyword planner

Using Google Keyword Planner, you can boost your E-commerce platform on the most popular global search engine – Google. All you have to do is put in the keywords you want to rank for, and the planner shows what words and phrases to use to get results.

Link Explore: Backlink Checker Tool

You can use Moz to check the quality of your backlinks

Use Link Explore to find how well your competitors rank and embed a link to your website on those specific sites and pages to stand alongside the competition.

Google Trends

Use Google Trends to understand what terms are trending in your country

With Google Trends, you can keep an eye out for what’s popular in the market and use that information to optimize your website. Whether you want to look up top trends related to music, beauty, services, or even accessories, this resource provides you with the data you need to rank first on Google’s search results pages.

SEO Site Checkup

With SEO site checkup, you can now understand the health of the site

Your website needs to be optimized per the needs of the latest Google algorithm to get high rankings. This is where SEO Site Checkup comes in. With this tool, you can find potential SEO problems on your online store and get advice on how to fix them properly.

Customer Communication

MoEngage helps with your E-commerce marketing plans

MoEngage is an effective customer engagement and retention platform that allows you to both analyze customer behavior and send them personalized communications at any stage in the buyer’s journey.

See how MoEngage can power your E-Commerce marketing strategy. Request a demo here today!

Push AmplificationTM

Push Amplification helps improve push notification delivery rates in E-commerce

Push AmplificationTM is a technology pioneered that can boost push notification delivery and enhance the delivery of notifications to your android devices.

Looking to boost your Push Notification delivery rates? Get in touch with us today!

E-commerce Analytics

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track the performance of your website

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools in the market related to E-commerce platforms. It can easily analyze your web traffic, conversions, bounce rates, keyword performance, sales funnel, and more in a snap. About 130,428 E-commerce websites use Google Analytics, making it the perfect tool every E-commerce platform needs.


Analyze your website performance data with Conversific

If your platform is based on Shopify, then Conversific is perfect for you. You can use the tool to analyze all your platform data in a single place and integrate Google Analytics in Conversific for better and more accurate results.

Bitly: URL Shortener

Use Bitly to shorten URLs in social media posts

No one likes long links that promote clickbait. As an E-commerce platform, you need short links that compel your customers to click, and that’s where Bitly comes in. The tool is free to use and is currently the best link shortener in the market. In addition, it also allows you to analyze each link you publish and get real-time data on all clicks, taps, and swipes these links get.

Web Optimization


Use Compressor to improve your page loading speed

An E-commerce platform is only as good as the ROI it generates. Compressor.io finds out which components of your platform take a long time to load and compresses them, so your online store performs more smoothly.

GT Metrix

Optimize your platform with GT Metric

GT Metrix helps you optimize your platform’s speed, images, and source code by informing you of all the unnecessary junk data cluttering your website.

Page Speed Insight API

Use Page Speed Insights to understand why your website is performing well

Another Google resource, page speed insight API, can help you find where your websites lack in terms of speed. It creates a report for you on optimizing your site for a smoother user experience.

Hot Jar

Use Hot Jar to understand where your customers are engaged the most

Finding out what the customer needs becomes easier with Hot Jar. Implementing the tool on your platform helps analyze customer engagement and provides accurate data on what part of your website needs upgrading.

Know what are the current customer engagement trends and challenges with the State of Insights-led Customer Engagement Report 2022.

Content Marketing and Social Media Tools

Social Bee

For all your social media marketing, use Social Bee

This one is the perfect Social media marketing tool for all E-commerce platforms for smart posting.

Buzz Sumo

Use Buzzsumo to understand what content is trending

With Buzz Sumo, you can monitor engagement and use push templates to enhance your social profile.


Use Buffer to schedule social media posts

This simple social media tool helps you plan, schedule, and engage with your followers.


Create images with Canva for your E-commerce marketing initiatives

With Canva, you can create professional presentations, graphics for social media, and marketing posters.

How To Choose the Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools?

Promoting your online store has never been easier. However, the E-commerce industry is exceptionally competitive.

Knowing how to advertise a business properly might mean the difference between an average brand and one that stands out in customers’ thoughts.

Here, we’ll detail how you can choose the best tools for your business.

User Interface

The first thing you must look for when selecting a tool for your E-commerce platform is the user interface. If the tool has a simple and concise UI, your team can quickly start using the tool without any extensive training.


E-commerce platform owners should be optimistic because growth is a real possibility, granted they get the marketing right. Investing in the right tools and technologies is a part of this equation.

Find tools and resources that grow alongside your business and cater to your growing needs and requirements.


Another factor to consider when looking for the best E-commerce tools for your business is what you want to pay for them. Since most online stores at an early stage tend to avail tools that, in the long run, seem to burn a hole in their pockets, it’s always best to find a tool with a reasonable cost.

That way, each time you need to scale your platform or enhance your E-commerce services, the tool you initially used would back you up.


Lastly, the most vital part of any E-commerce tool is seeing how much support they can provide you. Imagine a sudden and unforeseen problem occurring on your website, and the response time from the CSR behind your E-commerce tool is slow.

Not only would your customers face difficulty when trying to purchase from your shop, but your company would also take a surmountable loss. So, one of the most crucial aspects of a good tool for your E-commerce store is whether the tool’s developers offer 24/7 services or not.

Keep these four factors in mind before choosing the best tool for your business, and pretty soon, your site will stand above your competitors.

Final Thoughts on E-commerce Marketing Tools

Running your own online business can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to learn, from mastering your marketing to comprehending your bounce rates.

However, with the correct tools in your digital toolkit, you can complete even the most difficult tasks swiftly and efficiently.