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  • UPDATED: 18 July 2023
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The 21-st century consumer expects a seamless, connected experience over multiple channels, personalized down to the tee. Brands that send tailored communication to consumers across relevant channels score higher on their radar than those that don’t.

To help you keep up with this level of engagement across different channels tailored to your customers, we’re excited to announce two key features: Inbound Channels in MoEngage Flows and a seamless way to engage your customers on Facebook, Facebook Audience.

Inbound Channels in MoEngage Flows

MoEngage Flows lets you string together complex multi-step customer journeys and communicate with your customers across channels. With our latest update, you can also engage your users on Inbound Channels (in-app and on-site) through Flows and provide personalized user journeys that nudge customers towards the next stage of their lifecycle.

What is in-app and on-site messaging
Send your customers any message across the medium of your choice

By personalizing the in-app and on-site experience, you can make the whole user journey seamless, both before and after users interact with your digital platform. Once you’ve optimized the user journey, you can guide customers towards the appropriate conversion funnels. Here are some examples of how best to utilize this update:

  1. Orchestrate better onboarding and activation
    Personalize the entire onboarding journey and change the way users engage with your app. For example, in an Ed-Tech app, you can engage your users with offers or courses to sign up for through in-app messages as soon as they sign up on your app and increase activations significantly.
  2. Turn abandonments around
    For e-commerce and media apps, you can reduce cart or content abandonment by driving consistent messaging across channels. Show your users the same abandonment reminder messages across in-apps or an exit intent pop-up on your website.
  3. Minimize exit intent in your user journeys
    Capture user preferences right when your users display exit intent, with a timely pop-up or in-app message. For example, in a banking app, you can show users a message incentivizing investments right when your users display exit intent.


On site and in app messaging
Send customers messages over the channel of your choice

Facebook Audience

Advertising on Facebook (a social media platform with a high forecast return on equity) is critical for brand awareness—the social media platform is still relevant for advertisers. Keeping this in mind, we’re excited to announce that you can now add, update, or delete Facebook Custom Audiences right from your MoEngage dashboard. With a one-time setup, you can create Facebook Audience campaigns on the go and receive Facebook leads.

Create Facebook Audience
Create Facebook Custom Audience right from the dashboard

With this update, you can use MoEngage data for more customized retargeting on Facebook. It will also be easier to maintain your campaigns since you can manage your data and create Facebook Audiences from the same place. You can also:

  1. Reopen the dialogue with churned users
    You can create a custom Facebook Audience that targets all users who haven’t received a push notification or email in the last three months and send them targeted content that brings your brand back into their mind-space.
  2. Nudge users towards a purchase
    Create a custom Facebook Audience of users who have added products to their carts but haven’t made a purchase yet, even after receiving a push notification, and nudge these users towards fulfilling their transactions.
  3. Drive targeted advertising
    You can delete those users from your Facebook Audience who have already purchased a product in the past thirty days, to ensure that your advertising remains relevant and doesn’t cause any negative impact.

Engage with a broader audience using MoEngage

Customers have come to expect a certain level of sophistication in their interactions with brands. By creating customer journeys that reach users over multiple channels, like Facebook and in-app or on-site messaging, brands can foster engagement and create happy customer experiences.

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