9 web push notification tricks to use for your website

By Nalin Goel 22 May 2019

Do you know a common question that a lot of our customers ask us every day?

“How to effectively use web push notifications & are they useful?”  People approach us saying they have web push notifications on their site, and they do schedule a bunch of notifications but, just don’t see any action after that.

And this is wrong; this is so wrong when you have such a powerful tool like MoEngage Web push notifications, and you can use it in so many other ways to grow your website traffic and drive conversions; sometimes by up to 32%.

That is why in this article, I will tell you some amazing things you can do with MoEngage web push notifications and why you need to get started on them right now!

Firstly, the advantage of using MoEngage Web Push is in the fact that all the advanced features of our ‘App Push Notifications’ are by default made available in Web Push Notifications. Here is the list of ways in which you can take advantage of MoEngage Web Push Notifications for your marketing efforts:


web push notifications

Behavior-based web push notifications:

Trigger web push notifications for a particular user action on your website.  You can configure your MoEngage web push account to automatically trigger notifications for specific user events such as Cart Abandonment, User Drop-offs, etc. Several marketers who use our behavior-based triggers are already witnessing great results with campaign click-through rates as high as 45%.



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A/B & multivariate testing

Using MoEngage, you can experiment on your messaging, its various elements, measure the revenue impact and optimize for it. Marketers can compare results of A/B and multivariate testing with a ‘
control group‘ to learn what’s working and what’s not. So, are you ready for this major boost in your marketing?


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Personalize your messaging

Personalization has a major role to play in the ‘internet of me’ era. As per a recent 
study, it was reported that more than 56% of consumers say they would be more inclined to use a retailer or service if it offers a personalized experience. Using MoEngage, you can build personalized messages based users’ first names and other user profile attributes for higher engagement and conversion.


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Know where the money is:

Using MoEngage, you can set conversion goals for your campaigns. Whether you are trying to get your subscribers to read an article or purchase an item left in the cart, MoEngage allows you to set these specific ‘events’ as your business goals. By analyzing the data, you can better understand the impact of your marketing efforts.


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Push Trigger Optimization

Using MoEngage Sherpa – a set of machine learning capabilities, you can intelligently trigger notifications at ‘optimum engagement times’ as identified by Sherpa for each user. This helps boost campaign performance (CTRs & conversions) and reduce spam for users. Read more about Shera 


web push notifications

Segmentation & Frequency Capping

You can send Segmented Notifications based on User Demographics (Location, Age, Gender etc.)  and User Activity (Booked tickets, Product viewed etc.). To control your interactions with users, you can Frequency Cap your notifications and also set a Do Not Disturb time to avoid sending notifications to users at odd hours.


Timing is everything

Imagine running a global brand with users spread across different time zones. There are 24 different time zones in the world. If you had to send a birthday discount coupon to all of those users wishing them a happy birthday, then you will end up creating 24 different campaigns every day! With MoEngage, you can simply enable the ‘send push notifications in User’s Time Zone’ and also setup ‘Automated lifecycle campaigns’ for repetitive campaigns like the example above. This saves time and effort thereby freeing up your time to be more creative or doing things you love.

Web Push campaign testing

Errors and glitches in marketing messaging can be a huge turn-off for a lot of users. Remember your brand is being judged by users at every interaction and it is up to you to make each of these interactions are in favor of your brand. Using MoEngage Web push you can create single/multiple push token test campaigns to verify the content you are trying to send.

Web Push API support

You can also make use of Web Push APIs to send notifications based on server side events without having to intervene manually. Our Web Push Notifications APIs enable you to automate triggering notifications based on your server-level events – reducing efforts of regular campaign creation with a one-time API setup.

Web Push notifications are possibly the easiest and a successful mode of reaching your website users. You can learn more about web push notifications or request a demo by clicking on the button below.

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About the Author

Nalin Goel

Nalin Goel is the VP of Product of MoEngage Inc. He is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. He has over 6 years of experience in leading product development and strategy for global companies.

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