The Best WhatsApp Business Marketing Tools for 2023

  • UPDATED: 19 June 2024
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With over two billion WhatsApp users around the world, and about a hundred billion messages being sent every day, WhatsApp leads the C-commerce world. The app not only has high usage but also boasts very high levels of deliverability, with well over 90% of WhatsApp messages being opened and read within 24 hours.

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For businesses of all types and sizes, WhatsApp is now becoming one of the best ways to reach their customers. But sending messages to your clients or potential customers requires a lot of planning and preparation.

That’s where WhatsApp marketing tools can help. In this blog, we take a look at everything about WhatsApp Marketing tools: What they are, how they work, how they can help your business, and some of the best WhatsApp Business Marketing tools for 2023.

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What Are WhatsApp Tools?

Simplifying Bulk Messaging

WhatsApp marketing tools are software that helps businesses with messaging management, allowing them to easily send bulk messages to their customer’s WhatsApp accounts, also providing other features like scheduled messages, multi-language functionality, automated responses, and more.

These tools aim to give you a hassle-free bulk messaging process, helping you send text messages and multimedia files without any issues.
Using a good WhatsApp marketing tool helps you focus more on the content of your marketing campaigns and worry less about the technicalities of bulk messaging.

Different Types of WhatsApp Tools

WhatsApp is a cost-effective solution not only for big brands but also for SMEs and MSMEs, who would want to keep in constant touch with their existing and potential customers.

Businesses may have varying approaches to customer engagement based on their requirements. And that’s why there are different types of WhatsApp marketing tools based on the features they offer.

Some businesses might want a tool that specializes in automated responses, while some other businesses might want to be able to send customized messages, while a few others might give importance to integrating their WhatsApp marketing tool with other applications.

So the type of WhatsApp marketing tool you require depends on the goals of your marketing campaign. Once you define that, you will be in a position to pick one out of the various WhatsApp marketing tools available in the market. Later in this blog, we take a look at some of the best WhatsApp marketing tools.

How Do WhatsApp Tools Work?

WhatsApp API Integration

One of the most important functions of your WhatsApp marketing tool is access to the WhatsApp Business API, which facilitates the sending and tracking of bulk messages. While businesses can get WhatsApp Cloud API access and host their API directly from Meta, a lot of businesses prefer using a third-party WhatsApp Business Solution Provider as it is a lot simpler, helps with the green tick application (or verified business account badge), and ensures personalized support.

A WhatsApp Business API profile comes with several features: a customizable business profile with all important information about the business, a phone number tied to the WhatsApp API account, interactive messaging, and even an option for human escalation when customers face an issue that cannot be resolved through automated messages.

The Role of Business Solutions Providers

A WhatsApp Partner or WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) is a service that helps you connect to the WhatsApp API. The primary objective of WhatsApp BSPs, apart from helping you connect to the WhatsApp API, is to provide you with the expertise needed to understand the WhatsApp Business Platform.

From verifying your business account, porting numbers, and helping you figure out messaging rules, BSPs make sure your marketing campaigns are free of any hassles related to reaching customers.

Helping you with business verification to get the green checkmark is the most crucial role of BSPs because you cannot get your business verified on your own. Recognized Business Solution Providers can request verification on your behalf.

How Are WhatsApp Tools Helpful?

Mass Messaging at the Click of a Button

WhatsApp Business tools help you message thousands of customers at the click of a button. You can schedule messages for an entire week or more and send them at a time when the customers are most likely to respond.

Earlier, sending bulk WhatsApp messages came with a lot of challenges that had to be manually dealt with by businesses. With the right WhatsApp marketing tool, this has become extremely easy. Even if come you come across any hiccups, these business tools provide plenty of support to help you resolve any issue ASAP!

Multi-Language Messaging

Many WhatsApp marketing tools provide the option of multi-language messaging, allowing businesses to send messages in multiple languages to their target audience. This is particularly helpful in cases where businesses are reaching out to a large number of people spread across different regions.

Consider the example of More Retail, a chain of supermarkets in India that decided to send promotional messages in regional languages to their customers, sharing details of their offers and discounts. More Retail sent a series of messages, some in English and some in regional languages, to make sure that all of their customers are able to read the messages they are sending.

Multi-language messaging can also be very useful to small businesses that would like to carry out customer communications in their local language. These tools allow them to send bulk WhatsApp messages and respond to customer queries in their local language, allowing small businesses to maintain the familiarity that defines their brand.

Sending Personalized Messages

The key to increasing user engagement has always been customized marketing efforts based on the needs of the customer. The top WhatsApp marketing tools allow you to personalize messages based on what you think the customer would like.

Customized messages can be very simple, like customized names or greetings at the beginning of every message, or can be a lot more complex, like fully customized messages to different customers.

To send personalized messages, it’s important that customers are segmented properly based on their tastes and preferences. Only then will it be possible to send the right customized messages to the targeted customer.

Collecting and Collating Feedback

Apart from being able to send marketing messages to your customers, WhatsApp marketing tools also help you collect valuable feedback from your customers. The high delivery and open rates make it a viable tool for collecting feedback from customers.

The use of polls in WhatsApp enables businesses to make the process of giving feedback a lot easier for the customers since it needs only click a button. The option of human escalation can be useful in cases where customers have some very particular feedback to share beyond the ability of automatic reply messages.

Best Tools to Integrate With WhatsApp


MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands such as Ally Financial, McAfee, Flipkart, Domino’s, Nestle, Deutsche Telekom, OYO, and more. MoEngage empowers marketers and product owners with insights into customer behavior and the ability to act on those insights to engage customers across the web, mobile, email, social, and messaging channels. Consumer brands across 35 countries use MoEngage to power digital experiences for over 1 billion customers every month. With offices in 13 countries, MoEngage is backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, B Capital, Steadview Capital, Multiples Private Equity, Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Matrix Partners, Ventureast, and Helion Ventures.

MoEngage was recognized as a Customers’ Choice Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for the Multichannel Marketing Hubs Report and a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs, Q1 2023 Evaluation. To know more about how you can use MoEngage to craft unparalleled WhatsApp strategies, click here!


Gupshup Logo

A popular name in the WhatsApp BSP segment, Gupshup provides brands with loads of features including helping them approve their templates from Meta, adding an API layer to WhatsApp Business integration and helping brands engage with their customers across sales, marketing and support journeys, all consentually.


Another popular name in the WhatsApp BSP segment, Karix also helps customers with acquiring the verified official badge like all BSPs. They are known for their BPA Manager process integration, quick deployment of their services and robust security system.


A global BSP player, Infobip has a number of features that are helpful including options for conversational commerce, support and conversational marketing. They also have a drag and drop option for marketers. This ensures that brands can set up their messaging without any kind of tech dependency.

Wati is a WhatsApp marketing software that helps businesses connect with their customers and give them the information they are looking for. It provides an easy-to-use interface for sending bulk messages and also helps send quick replies and set automated custom parameters.

Among the key features of Wati are the multiple integrations it offers, being able to easily integrate with payment interfaces, CRM software, and analytics platforms. Such integrations make WhatsApp messaging campaigns a lot more effective and useful in the long run.


BotSpace is a comprehensive communication tool for businesses to automate, simplify, and organize their customer engagement through hybrid chatbot solutions. Botspace provides pre-designed conversational templates which can be deployed within seconds.

Considered one of the most popular WhatsApp marketing software, BotSpace helps you send messages and reply to them with its sophisticated Chatbot, delivering a strong user experience by providing a range of contextual, query-based responses. It responds to free text and is based on algorithms that understand Natural Language Processing.


Whappext is most popular for its volume, allowing you to send bulk marketing messages to millions of users in one go. Its key features include multi-language functionality, Support for all major types of multimedia formats, one-time payment with lifetime support, and a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Whappext also provides detailed reports and statistics for better decision-making, helping you implement a marketing campaign that is data-based. Advanced features like guaranteed data security for business and customer data are an added advantage.

Making the Right Choice

While all these WhatsApp marketing tools will help you drive user engagement and build brand loyalty, it’s very important to choose the right marketing tool based on your requirements, goals, and budgets.

As we saw, each of these marketing tools has its own strengths and capabilities. An assessment of what your digital marketing goals are will help in choosing the right application for your business.

Like other digital marketing efforts, conversational commerce is a rapidly evolving space, with the rules of the game changing very quickly. As a marketer, it’s important that you stay updated with the latest trends in conversational commerce, as even the smallest change in the way businesses can reach out to their customers can have a huge impact on the success of your marketing efforts.