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  • UPDATED: 01 September 2022
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  • #GROWTH introduced in March 2019 is the world’s first community for the product, marketing, and growth professionals around the world
  • Understand the three ways to learn through #GROWTH Academy.
  • How can you benefit from #GROWTH Academy? Read on.

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I am excited to introduce our learning hub #Growth Academy. You’ll find the best-handpicked content from #GROWTH conferences, as well as certification courses built exclusively for everything customer engagement.

The backstory

Over the past few years, my team and I have been gathering feedback from our customers, chatting with experts, and performing research on the mobile engagement space. We’ve observed that consumer brands like yours understand the importance of customer engagement. You realize that in this competitive world with scattered attention and numerous options, personalizing every user experience is the path to higher retention, LTV, and ARPU.

However, executing this requires a lot of experimenting and learning. The hard part is, you need to learn the fundamentals of customer engagement & retention, and then you need to learn about your users’ behavior. We wanted to fast-track the learning, so you and your teams can focus on what matters most to your business – your customers. With the launch of #GROWTH Academy, that is possible.

About #GROWTH Academy

In March 2019, we introduced #GROWTH, the world’s first community for the product, marketing, and growth professionals from around the world with the focus on peer to peer learning. We started with networking events, roundtable discussions, workshops, webinars, and other forms of content. As 2020 unfolded, we started dabbling in virtual conferences to help community members come together for live learning experiences. Taking the spirit of the #GROWTH community a step further, today, we introduce the #GROWTH Academy – a platform where members can learn from handpicked content curated from #GROWTH conferences or dive into specialized certification courses built exclusively for the academy.

Content to support learning all your learning needs

Three ways to learn through #GROWTH Academy:

  1. Certification courses curated by industry experts: The course content has been ideated, created, and delivered by experts who have mastered their domain and emerged as leaders in their space.
  2. Peer-to-peer learning through recommendations from #GROWTH conferences: Our #GROWTH events have been a great place for networking and learning. As part of the Academy, you’ll be able to access some of the most insightful discussions from around the world.
  3. Success Stories from some of the fastest-growing brands: Product and growth leaders from companies that have quickly grown to dominate their respective markets share the secret of success.

We continue to listen to the market and understand our learner needs. This will help us add more topics and deep-dive into areas that cover the entire customer journey.

How can you benefit from #GROWTH Academy?

We have built the #GROWTH Academy to arm growth marketers and product owners with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to delight your customers at every step of the journey and grow your business. We also aim to provide specialized certifications and badges that will help you showcase these skills and advance their career – and it’s free!

Therefore, whether you’re looking to advance your career, learn new skills, train your team, or just looking for ways to grow your business – we’ve got something for you in the Academy. As a member of the #GROWTH Academy you’ll gain these three specific benefits:

  • Free access to courses and training programs that touch some of the niche topics on customer engagement.
  • Membership to #GROWTH – a global community of marketers and product experts where you can freely exchange ideas, solve problems, and also network.
  • Opportunity to contribute your learnings and insights through courses, participation in round tables, panel discussions, and more.

We have opened registrations between September 10th till today to the #GROWTH Academy and I am happy to share that we have received over 10K enrollments so far.

Here’s what some of our early learners have said about the academy

I invite you to sign up and gain the benefits of our learning hub to the fullest.

There are a lot of people behind building this learning hub – industry experts who’ve helped us build the courses, our #GROWTH community participants, and the team at MoEngage – Thanks to everyone who has helped us launch the world’s first academy focussed on growth and customer engagement.