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  • UPDATED: 15 June 2023
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Note: As of June 3rd 2020, Mitron app has been removed from the play store. Exact reasons for the removal have not been released by either of the 2 parties – Google and Mitron. Experts suggest that technical concerns that hint at counterfeiting of code and lack of proper privacy policies could be the main reasons.

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Introduction: Rise of Social Media Apps and Mitron’s Entry

While marketers and users had their eyes on TikTok, Mitron(owned by Mitron TV), a new entrant, has ushered in and stolen the limelight. Trusted app analytics data sources suggest 3.5Mn+ downloads in the last 60 days. This snapshot from today (May 27, 2020) shows it’s third on the list of top free apps in the Social category on Google Play Store.

Source: Google Play Store. Dt: May 27, 2020


With the advent of COVID-19 and the correlated rise in activity on social media apps one would argue that now is the best time to launch and test your app in this category. But with the bigwigs of the industry – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and now TikTok having a firm hold over the market how much of a chance do new entrants as Mitron have? What are some of the growth hacks implemented by Mitron? We’ll also talk about the challenges they face to be a rival to TikTok and what lessons can other native homegrown apps learn from it.

Mitron Performance Review: DAU and Downloads Trends

Here’s a quick overview of the downloads trends for this app in the last 40 days:

Download trends for Mitron. Source: Apptopia
  • The app is currently only available in India and sees 100% of 3.5Mn downloads come from this geography.
  • At its peak on May 23, the app saw more than 550k+ downloads in a single day. How did this happen? Learn more about it in the growth hacks section below.
  • Though downloads have temporarily come down, for now, the DAU numbers show strong growth, which can fuel further peaks in the downloads graph as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the DAU (Daily Active Users) trends for Mitron App now:

DAU trends for Mitron. Source: Apptopia
  • Very strong organic climb in the DAU graph.
  • At its peak currently the app is supporting more than 2Mn+ active users. How did this happen? Learn more about the growth hacks implemented by Mitron here.
  • Early signs of DAU growth go back to April’s last week when the app rolled out a series of upgrades. More about the upgrades in the section below.

Growth Hacks that Worked for Mitron

1. Rode on current public emotions that drove free PR and glowing app store reviews.

With the Indian government and public supporting homegrown apps, the timing couldn’t be any better. The recent backlash of TikTok also acted as a catalyst for Mitron.

The public opinion has filtered down to other platforms such as Whatsapp, and Quora as well. Below is a user review of the app on Quora.

Source: Quora

Here are two snapshots of Mitron’s review on Google Play Store. Such reviews go a long way in App Store Optimization.

Source: Google Play Store reviews.

Source: Google Play Store reviews.


2. Technical fixes and upgrades that allowed cross-platform sharing and strong word-of-mouth

It is worthy to note the fixes and upgrades launched by Mitron, which further fueled its growth and made it a platform where users could spend more time.

A very important milestone that any social media app, primarily the ones heavy on videos, must implement is cross-sharing across other platforms.


Version releases for Mitron.

Mitron did a great job here by launching Version 2.7 here on May 01, 2020 where they let users allow sharing on Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

Version 1.2.7 of the app further added important features such as Discover and personal profiles by which people could interact with other users on the platform. A key feature that also translated very well into Downloads and DAU trends for the app. Check out the graph that we shared on DAU trends again and see the exponential growth around May 15-20.


DAU trends for Mitron show a steep growth in May15-20 timeline due to version releases. Source: Apptopia

3. Easy to use interface

One can argue here that Mitron had a great adversary and mentor in TikTok to make the user interface simple and conducive for its user base.

Just like TikTok, the app doesn’t ask you to make a profile or login for using features like Discover. As soon as you install and open the app, you see short videos being streamed. This important feature keeps the DAU ticking and lets the user interact with the app without asks such as logging in or connecting it with your Facebook and other profiles.

Image Source: Google Play Store. Dt: May 27, 2020

Having said that, the interface is not as sleek or streamlined as TikTok. Let’s talk more about the challenges on the growth path of Mitron ahead.

Immediate Challenges for Mitron

1. Technical glitches that ruin the user experience

Though the app has been garnering 5-star reviews even by its critics, Mitron needs to realize that this situation won’t last for long.

Source: Google Play Store reviews.

The app’s technical team has an uphill task here. With the floodgates open, it’s interesting to see here how Mitron sustains the new users coming in. A swift execution and address of such problems by the technical support team would go a long mile here.

2. User Acquisition is great, but what about retention?

In our opinion, the user base for TikTik and Mitron is largely the same. The app really needs to set up its own brand value here apart from being a desi version. It needs to retain its user base and not end up as a viral fad.

A good step here would be to build ideal user personas and see what features appeal to each persona. Segmenting and engaging users will go a long way here to keep the churn rate low.

TikTok has come a long way from its initial days and perfected its revenue channels with in-app advertisements. Mitron though a promising entrant stands small in front of other social media Goliaths.

Conclusion: Lessons from the Growth of Mitron App

What’s your viral loop

The app does a wonderful job of stitching an element of virality by choosing the name as ‘Mitron’, which coincides with the Indian Prime Minister’s callout for citizens in his speeches.

It will be interesting to see how Mitron follows it up with the next few steps in this loop by making the users take action, reward them, and make them invest their interests in it to complete the entire hook.


Attend to your users, first

Mitron has had a good headstart in terms of acquiring new users. It now has an important task to attend and solve the technical glitches arising on its platform in the immediate future.

Creating an ideal user persona and keeping them engaged for the long run is the next key step. In the end, the only way to build a healthy, thriving online app or business is to be user-centric. Knowing your audience well and creating features for them is the only way upwards and onwards. Take Care Mitron! ?

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