Implementation Case Studies: How 3 Brands Successfully Migrated to MoEngage

By Falguni
  • UPDATED: 14 June 2024
  • 5 min read

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In today’s digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition means providing seamless and personalized customer experiences. Yet, many brands find themselves limited by outdated, inflexible, and fragmented customer engagement solutions that fail to meet the dynamic demands of modern consumers.

If you’re one of those brands contemplating the daunting task of migrating to a more sophisticated, all-in-one customer engagement platform (CEP), you’re not alone.

This blog dives into 3 implementation case studies featuring prominent brands that successfully navigated the shift from clunky legacy systems, rigid engagement platforms, or isolated point solutions, to a comprehensive CEP like MoEngage.


Through the detailed case studies, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the challenges these brands faced, how MoEngage’s implementation team facilitated a smooth transition, key features and channels the brand employed, and the remarkable outcomes they achieved.

Whether you’re grappling with inefficiencies in your current setup or seeking inspiration for your next big move, these case studies will provide the clarity and confidence you need to make an informed decision and embark on your successful migration journey.

3 Compelling MoEngage Implementation Case Studies to Learn From

1. Click Rain

Click Rain is a people-centered digital agency headquartered in South Dakota. They provide digital marketing and website creation services, and creative solutions for brands looking to thrive online.

One of their clients is an American food and beverage enterprise brand. Earlier, Click Rain was using a legacy platform to drive email marketing campaigns for this client. However, they faced several challenges:

  • They had to manually update and clean customer segments, which was a cumbersome task.
  • Executing personalized and dynamic email campaigns took a lot of work.
  • Building messaging flows and creating new customer journeys was a struggle.
  • The platform lacked intuitive features like “Best Time to Send.”

Click Rain decided to move to an alternative and discovered MoEngage. They evaluated MoEngage and realized it was best suited for what their client was looking to accomplish in the short and long term.

Here’s how the MoEngage Professional Services Team helped them in their migration:

  • Ensured a swift data migration from the legacy platform their client was using, to MoEngage, and provided time to value.
  • Clarified all required steps and phases of the onboarding process and offered full transparency on the progress.
  • Scheduled weekly training touchpoints ensuring all parties were informed and comfortable with the platform’s functionality.

Click Rain’s client appreciated industry-leading features from MoEngage, such as “Best Time to Send,” which weren’t available on their previous platform.

Furthermore, MoEngage’s advanced tracking and analytical capabilities provided them with the insights needed to make data-informed decisions, thus impacting their overall strategy and improving performance.

As a result of the migration, Click Rain saved their client over $18K a year. The funds saved were reallocated to allow for a more robust email marketing strategy. Additionally, with MoEngage’s state-of-the-art functionalities, Click Rain and its client achieved key business objectives.

ClickRain Testimonial

2. Drop

Drop is a card-linked offers and rewards app, that helps brands uncover consumer insights and trends to acquire customers and drive incremental spend. The app has 5 million members and partnerships with some of the most recognizable brands in North America, including Amazon, Uber, Sam’s Club, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Previously, Drop used a tool that promised to consolidate data and channels but lacked flexibility.

They evaluated several vendors and ultimately decided to go with MoEngage for its flexibility and ease of integration.

The MoEngage Professional Services Team ensured a hassle-free migration using advanced playbooks and best practices. It offered Drop end-to-end support during the onboarding stage by:

  • Providing well-documented SDKs and APIs
  • Importing historical data
  • Integrating customer and event data via an SDK within a few days
  • Integrating server-to-server backend events
  • Easing the onboarding for wider teams with quality assurance, training, and go-live support
  • Activating email and push notifications for engagement
  • Quick query resolution and offering effective solutions

As a result, the app went live in 7 days, and the entire email setup was completed in just 5 days!

Drop Testimonial

3. Twinr

Twinr is a leading no-code mobile app development solution for brands.

As a young startup, Twinr’s top priority is to acquire new users and convert them into paying customers. They have a 14-day trial period, during which they want to interact with new users via multiple channels such as email, website, and web push notifications.

The MoEngage Professional Services Team helped Twinr with:

  • Importing historical data
  • Identifying the data that needs to be tracked
  • Creating and mapping data fields across platforms
  • Setting up SDKs that capture the required details from every app that is created on Twinr
  • Setting up communication systems such as email

Furthermore, MoEngage’s integration with MixPanel helped Twinr pass customer cohorts into MoEngage and activate segment-based omnichannel communication.

This enabled Twinr to send personalized messages to new users on relevant channels during their trial period. Eventually, this boosted free-to-paid user conversions.

Twinr Testimonial

Migration Success Stories: Key Learnings and Takeaways

Change is a powerful catalyst for growth, and upgrading to modern, all-in-one customer engagement platform can be a game-changer for your brand.

The case studies we’ve explored demonstrate that while the transition might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and the right support by your side, platform migration can be a smooth and rewarding process.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Not every customer engagement solution has the best personalization and omnichannel capabilities.
  • Migration doesn’t have to be a lengthy and complex process. (It can be done in a week!)
  • There are customer engagement tools out there that could be better and more relevant for your use case. You don’t need to settle for a particular tool, just because everyone else is doing so.
  • A good CEP isn’t one that just has good features and capabilities. It also has a strong support team that’s by your side all the way from onboarding to implementation and even beyond.

If these stories resonate with you and you are noticing signs of inefficiency and rigidity in your current system, consider taking action now!

Taking a MoEngage demo can be your first step towards embracing change and transforming your customer engagement strategy. Witness firsthand how a comprehensive, modern CEP can elevate your business. Book a demo now.