[Summary] Eye for detail: Million Install Meetup Mumbai – Aug 6, 2016

  • UPDATED: 12 August 2016
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Over the past one year, we, at MoEngage, have been making an effort in building and fostering a community around growth and user engagement for consumer internet companies in India and abroad.

As a part of this initiative, we had organized the #MillionInstallMeetup in Mumbai this past Saturday. This meetup is part of a series of meetups we are organizing across major startup hubs in India. After the success of the Bangalore meetup, the idea with the Mumbai meetup was to help the attendees get the most of out of their time and so we decided to conduct a marketing workshop followed by a panel dicussion. The enthusiasm for the workshop was overwhelming given the fact we were hosting it for the first time.

The marketing workshop was conducted by Abhinav Agarwal, Co-founder Door-mint, one of the fastest growing companies in the on-demand laundry segment. Abhinav talked about growth and marketing strategies and tactics at different stages of maturity of your startup. What was really interesting was the audience wanting to understand the dilemma he and his team faced when choosing between different marketing channels, strategies and initiatives and how he navigated this challenge.

Million Install Meetup Mumbai Panelists

The marketing workshop was followed by a panel discussion broadly around the area of growth marketing and user engagement interspersed with some great insights in building and scaling a successful startup.

The event was great success thanks to a very enthusiastic Mumbai audience who turned in good number despite the unfavorable weather conditions in Mumbai. Here are a few key things we learned at the event.

 – Companies are spending resources in re-acquiring old customers who have left. A robust user engagement strategy that is user behavior driven and contextual is the key to solving this puzzle and thus saving money and time.

 – The choice of going app only or having a web and app presence should be driven by user behavior and the the category you app falls in (content, social, utilities, transactional)

 – For startups with mobile apps, the first 1000 users and initial app store ratings can influence a lot of marketing decisions later on. Organic users are stickier than users acquired through paid sources. The initial 1000 users should be organically acquired. User behavior from these users will help you strategize and better target your marketing efforts

 – BTL activities and activations are an inexpensive source of user acquisition but should be complemented with the right measurement metrics

 – The key to consistent and sustained growth lies in analysing user behavior data well as highlighted by Sameer Parwani, CEO, CouponDunia. Experimentation with growth strategies should be always backed by data.

 – Krunal Mehta, Mobile Products, Moneycontrol reiterated “Chasing installs and other vanity metrics early on should be avoided. Instead mobile app startups should go to fewer people with an error free product instead”

 – An important aspect of growth is also knowing the platform you operate on (e.g. Android, iOS, web, etc.) and the custom hacks that can help you in understand user behavior better.

The #MillionInstallMeetup is a place for developers, growth marketers and product managers to come together and discuss challenges and solutions to the most current of problems in the consumer internet space. To stay updated about our future events and know the latest in user engagement and growth marketing, please subscribe to our newsletter


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