Discover the Power of Personalized Push Notifications

  • UPDATED: 05 September 2022
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  • Check out top three reasons why senior marketers worldwide are leveraging personalization
  • Understand differences between Personalized vs Non-personalized push notifications

The power of push notifications is not a revelation to a marketer today. Mobile marketers are increasingly integrating push messaging in their overall mobile marketing strategy. However, push notifications are not there yet when it comes to driving customer engagement, as most push notifications lack personalized experience. This leads us to the question, what are some of the exclusive benefits that marketers can reap with personalization?

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Why Personalization?

Take a look at the chart below. It shows the top three reasons for which senior marketers worldwide are leveraging personalization, making personalization sacrosanct to all marketing efforts. Likewise in another study, it was found that personalized emails deliver 6X transaction rate for emails; which is huge! In fact, some of our customers across industries have witnessed up to 4X conversion rates for personalized push notifications.

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Simplifying personalization for marketers

Marketers are still employing the “batch and blast” approach to pushes regardless of whether the customers are active/dormant or without any knowledge of customers’ no recent activity. The reason being, when marketers send out push notifications, more often than not they prefer for the most simplistic, automated way possible. Well, that’s where we come in.

With MoEngage, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to deliver personalized messages that are still automated and simple to create and deploy. With MoEngage personalization, marketers can factor in details, such as the receiver’s first name, event parameter, action item, lifecycle, etc thus making the best of both worlds: personalized engagement as well as ease of marketing automation.

1:1 Personalization: With MoEngage Smart Triggers marketers can take things to a new level and deliver a deep 1:1 personalized and highly contextual experience. As a matter of fact, these triggers have in the past delivered high returns for our customers sometimes up to 4X conversions for push notification campaigns.

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Personalized vs Non-personalized push notification

Take a look at the comparison between a ‘batch & blast’ push notification (left) and a personalized push notification (right):


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.39.18 PM


There is a lot more that you can do with the power of personalization in push notifications. To learn more, stay tuned for the latest posts our blog, where we discuss a lot more about personalization in detail.

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