MoEngage Meets HIPAA Requirements to Protect Healthcare Customer Data

  • UPDATED: 06 December 2023
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At MoEngage, customer data safeguards have been a top priority. I am happy to share our latest accomplishment in that direction: alignment with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is a significant milestone for our company, enabling us to serve healthcare organizations better.

What is HIPAA, and What is Protected Health Information (PHI)?

HIPAA is a federal law created to safeguard sensitive patient information. It outlines the standards companies and individuals must follow concerning consumer data privacy and ensures healthcare organizations securely store, access, and transfer private medical information. HIPAA compliance also reduces the likelihood of data breaches, which can damage a company’s reputation, reduce patient trust, and result in high regulatory fines and legal issues. 

PHI (Protected Health Information) is information about the patient’s health, medical conditions, and treatment created, collected, maintained, and transmitted by a healthcare provider. PHI can be in any form, including digital, paper, or verbal, such as medical records, test results, diagnosis, treatment plans, and insurance information.

What Does Alignment With HIPAA Regulations Mean for MoEngage Customers?

We consulted a third-party reviewer to audit our privacy and data security systems for HIPAA regulations. The findings indicate that MoEngage has fairly designed, documented, and implemented controls to meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

This means MoEngage is equipped to:

  • Sign the Business Associate Agreement (BAA), a document often sought by healthcare brands.
  • Serve brands like yours in the healthcare industry, helping you deliver personalized engagement while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of patient data.

Please contact our team at [email protected] to access the audit report or for more information. 

As the world’s most trusted customer engagement platform, we understand the importance of protecting data and ensuring that your data is secure and confidential. We comply with GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 Type 2, CSA STAR Level 2, and ISO 27001:2013. We also provide secure authentication and a Single Sign-On option

As we grow and scale, we will continue investing in data and security systems to safeguard our customers’ valuable assets. Please take a look at our commitment to data security here.