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MoEngage Marketing Roundup: March 2019

  • Updated: 11 November 2020
  • 5 min read

Customer engagement matters. As per a study, over 70% of consumers in the U.S. want to see that brands care about them, before making a purchase. Today, the way customers perceive their interaction with your brand determines your success. In this edition of our marketing roundup, we have focused on the different ways to be personal with your customers and connect with them effectively.

We bring you insights on retail customer engagement, stories of retailers who have successfully delivered winning mobile experience, and tips to read your customer’s digital body language. We are also thrilled to announce #GROWTH19 Jakarta edition. The conference is the second in a series of events and meetups planned for the growth marketers, product owners, sales, and entrepreneurs community.

In case you missed the first conference in Delhi, we have got the highlights from the event and information about our brand new product - MoEngage Analytics, launched during the conference.

We have more good news. We successfully achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Digital Customer Experience Competency which means that we can now build even more advanced marketing capabilities to scale your customer engagement needs. Other than that, we have also got tips on how to use email automation and social media to achieve your business goals.

Here are the must-read articles for this month’s marketing roundup.

Customer Engagement for Retail in 2019 - What's Working and What's Not

Customer Engagement for Retail in 2019 - What's Working and What's Not

The retail industry is steadily shifting its focus from brick and mortar to a click and mortar business model. We connected with some retail marketers to understand their priorities, challenges, and strategies for retail customer engagement. Find out what they think about customer engagement strategy for retail in 2019.


7 Retailers that Have Mastered the Mobile User Experience

Defining a Good Mobile User Experience | MoEngage

People want access to everything in the palm of their hands, and that’s why apps have proliferated, with retailers taking note and developing their own mobile apps. Take a look at some of the top retailers that have mastered the mobile user experience.


Product Launch: MoEngage Analytics To Help Businesses Sharpen Their Growth Trajectory

moengage analytics

We have always been focused on driving the next level of user engagement products and features. With Analytics added to our product, now driving user growth and engagement will be easier. In this article, we explain how marketers can implement data-driven customer engagement strategies using MoEngage Analytics.


Halo, #GROWTH19 is Coming to Jakarta - MoEngage Journal

You are invited to our next #GROWTH19 conference at Jakarta on 11th April 2019. This is an exclusive platform for entrepreneurs, product owners, and growth marketers to discuss their challenges, share growth stories, network, and celebrate success. Click here to request an invite.  


How to Set Goals and Drive Sales by Email Automation

email automation

With the ability to send specified, targeted emails to customers at the right time based on their particular behavior and action, email automation helps marketers build a consistent and long-lasting relationship with their current as well as potential customers. Let’s take a look at how you can use it for setting up your goals and driving sales.


Did You Catch All The News From #GROWTH19?

The #Growth19 conference was the beginning of our initiative to create an exclusive community for growth marketers and also introduce two new product segments to the MoEngage platform – MoEngage Analytics and On-site Messaging. We thank all our customers, partners, and growth leaders for being a part of this exclusive community.  If you missed the event, here are the highlights of #GROWTH19 conference.


How to Listen and Respond to Your Customers’ Digital Body Language

Are You Listening to Your Customers' Digital Body Language

Body language plays a critical role in how we communicate with each other—that’s inherent knowledge, and universal too. Find out how to read the digital body language of your consumers to create winning marketing campaigns.


Announcement: MoEngage is a Launch Partner for AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Program

MoEngage Achieves AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Status

We are excited to announce that MoEngage has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Digital Customer Experience Competency status, as a launch partner. AWS is one of the leading cloud platforms that fuels the cloud-based business needs for companies around the globe and represents high-quality and advanced technology solutions. Learn how companies can now use MoEngage to execute increasingly complex marketing strategies swiftly and at scale.


8 Ways to Use Social Media and Boost Your E-Commerce Conversions

social media to boost e-commerce conversions

Over 2 billion people in the world are connected to social media. It makes social media among the leading avenues, for you to market and advertises your products and services. Learn how you can use social media to reach many potential clients and improve the e-commerce conversion rate for your brand.



We hope you found this month’s marketing roundup helpful and are able to use the insights to succeed as a marketer and engage customers successfully. If you have any feedback, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

About The Author
Tharika Tellicherry is a marketing and communication professional. She has extensive working knowledge in Content Marketing, PR, and Corporate Communications. She is an avid blogger and enjoys writing about technology, startups, and retail.
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