Show The Right On-Site Message
To The Right User.

Convert website visitors into buyers with
powerful on-site messaging campaigns.

How Can On-site Messaging Help
Your Brand: Use Cases

  • Offers

  • Cross-sell/upsell

  • Announcements

  • Exit Intent Pop-ups

  • Lead Capture

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Share ongoing promotional offers to users visiting the website and drive conversions

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cross-sell up-sell

Leverage past browsing history on your website and in-app to cross-sell or upsell relevant products or services on your website via contextual messages

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Broadcast important information to all your website users or to a specific segment while they are accessing your website

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Exit Intent

Triggered, real-time & personalized web push notifications to engage website users - even when they are not on your site

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Lead Capture

A user is about to drop-off? Retain and re-engage such users with exit-intent popups that include personalized offers and recommendations

Creating An On-Site Message Has
Never Been Easier.

Target Relevant Audiences With Powerful Segmentation

Why MoEngage’s On-Site Messaging?

Native Experience

Action-based Triggers

Support Desktop and
Mobile Websites

Localization Support

Real-time Analytics

Want to convert 35% of your lost website visitors?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is on-site messaging?

    Once a user is browsing a website, marketers try to engage and retain such users so that they keep coming. For this, a highly personalized message is displayed on the website telling those visitors to take action to convert those visitors to buyers. These messages are called on-site messages. This is a window that you get where you can tell visitors about your services or update them about offers or new products through short messages displayed engagingly with visuals including website overlays, exit intent pop-ups, etc.

  • Why use on-site messaging?

    While your website pages already have information about your brand, your services, and products, having on-site messages takes the user experience to the next level with personalized messages that inform users about your new products, or updates them about the price drop or stock arrival in the products lying in their wish-list. MoEngage's on-site messaging helps you to engage and retain your visitors with enticing messages that are shown based on user segmentation to improve your conversion rates.

  • Where and how to deliver on-site messages?

    You can check the pages on which the majority of your users are staying and then customize your on-site messages to be shown with the right CTAs. This can be your landing pages, the most frequently visited pages on your website or your product pages. With MoEngage on-site messaging, you can have a predefined workflow that is used to deliver automated on-site messages as per various behavior attributes that are obtained in real-time.

    A message can be designed with concise content and images to have an appealing effect on the viewers. When engaging with regular users, keeping their first name can help you in getting their loyalty on your side. Make sure you keep the right message without any confusion as CTA to convert your visitors to buyers.

  • How can I control onsite messaging?

    With MoEngage on-site messaging, you can segment your users by leveraging buyer's attributes like locality, age, gender and then providing highly personalized messages. You can tell visitors about your new products or any new updates, promotional offers, capture leads, keep exit intent pop-ups, cross-sell and see if your visitors are interested in recommending your website to their network. With the website personalization suite of MoEngage, you can customize the content shown to different users thereby getting their attention.

  • List onsite messaging use cases?

    Some of the on-site messaging use cases are:

    • ⦿ Product Announcement

    • ⦿ Flash Sale

    • ⦿ Wishlist Product Price Drop

    • ⦿ Wishlist Product Availability

    • ⦿ Promotional messages for discounts

    • ⦿ Cross-Sell/Upsell through browsing history

    • ⦿ Grow your email list

    • ⦿ Reduce cart Abandonment

    • ⦿ Increase Sales Conversion

    • ⦿ Lead Captures