How to Set Goals and Drive Sales by Email Marketing Automation

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With email marketing garnering the highest return on investment, it has emerged as the highest-performing marketing channel. This is the reason that a lot of e-commerce marketers are making extensive use of email marketing for being successful in the long run of business. However, with such immense competition, it becomes imperative for marketers to choose an email marketing strategy that can help them attract customers and have an edge over competitors. This is where email marketing automation can come in handy. In fact, according to Econsultancy and Adestra, 53% of marketers use email marketing automation for enabling one-to-one communication with their customers.

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To put it in other words, with the ability to send specified, targeted emails to customers at the right time based on their particular behavior and action, email automation helps marketers build a consistent and long-lasting relationship with their current as well as potential customers, thereby, considerably driving sales and revenue.

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So, if you want your e-commerce business to excel, it’s high time you leverage email automation.

Benefits of Email Automation

Here’s a closer look at the various benefits of email automation:

1. Facilitates email drip campaigns

Drip campaign emails are a series of numerous emails sent to the customers at a specified time and date. It is done through marketing automation where you can schedule emails and set up a particular time slot and date for automatically sending these emails to potential customers. Such campaigns don’t only help you grow consistently but, also save your time from all the manual efforts you have to do otherwise.

2. Gives a clear and precise understanding of customer’s buying habits

Since email automation helps you create your emails by customizing and segmenting your customer list based on a plethora of intrinsic data such as demography, purchasing habits, income stature, etc., it gives you a clear picture of what your customers expect from your brand. This, in turn, can play a significant role in helping you plan a perfect email marketing strategy for your customers.

3. Enhanced brand visibility

Email automation increases the relevancy of your marketing campaign. With customers receiving relevant, personalized, and timely emails, their chances of giving you attention increase rapidly. And, this can surely work wonders in amping up your brand visibility.

4. Maintains brand consistency

As mentioned above, email automation takes away a lot of manual work from you. Since you don’t have to worry about segmenting your list and scheduling each email campaign, you get more time to put your creativity and effort into creating a well-crafted message for your customers which can maintain your brand consistency across all the platforms.

Using Email Automation For Setting Goals and Driving Sales

Now, as you know about the varied advantages of email automation, let’s take a look at how you can use it for setting up your goals and driving sales out of it.

1. Make your goal clear

While automating your email campaign, make sure the goal of your email is clear. All in all, avoid putting a lot of stuff into a single email. Remember, you want to attract customers through your email marketing, not confuse them. So, make it simple while keeping your focus on a single goal and see how email automation caters to your goal like a pro.

2. Don’t get into too many sales

Sure, you are trying to drive sales and revenue through your email campaign but pitching every email for sale is not going to help you. The probability of your customers getting annoyed might increase with your sales approach. Therefore, try convincing your customer base with a relevant email campaign that makes them trust you and convinces them to go a step further.

3. Keep evaluating your email campaign

There’s no doubt that email automation takes away a lot of responsibilities off your shoulder. However, make sure you keep an eye on your email campaign and get a clear idea about the performance of each email campaign. This wouldn’t only help you understand your campaign better but also assist you in taking corrective measures if needed.

In short, with a clear vision and goal, you will have everything that needs to gear up your email marketing strategy the right way. Now, the next step is the kind of emails that you need to send to trigger the customer at the right spot and right time.

Types of Triggered Emails

Here’s everything you need to know about various emails:

1. Welcome email

Welcome emails are a great way of showing your new customer that you care. It is sent the moment the subscriber signs up for your emails. You can either send it as a single email or make a series out of it which is sent at regular time intervals. These emails can contain a warm welcome note for the customer, exclusive information about your brand, and how it is going to cater to the need of the customer who has signed up for it.

See how Classic Specs does it:

everything you need to know about various emails

2. Discount email

These emails can work wonders in turning prospective customers into loyal ones. For instance, some customers are interested in buying a particular product but, don’t do it. This is where discount emails can do the trick and allure the customer to get into purchasing mode. It is a simple yet effective way of driving sales and revenue. Send such emails to customers who are already interested in and engaged with your brand. Sending it to anyone and everyone can harm your revenue margin considerably.

3. Curation email

It is one of the most popular choices of email among e-commerce and retail marketers. It doesn’t only help the marketers curate and send their bestselling product list to the customers but, also lets them do specific customer segmentation based on their choices, preferences, and interests.

4. Cart abandonment email

With several distractions in the digital marketplace, customers often add the products to their cart but, ultimately abandon it. So, a cart abandonment mail can do the needful here. It is a great way of making the customers realize what they are missing out on. In short, all you need to do is give your customers a friendly reminder and see how they complete the purchase and yield sales and revenue for you.

Take a look at how Jack Wills does it like a pro:

email automation

5. Order confirmation email

Order confirmation emails are a lot more than just an online receipt. It assures the customers that their order has been placed successfully and gives them a clear idea about when and how the product will be delivered. From shipping to delivery, an order confirmation email gives all the information about their ordered product. This helps to build a long, enduring relationship with your customer base.

6. Re-engagement email

If there are subscribers on your list who have not been active for a long time, sending them re-engagement email is the key to win them back. From displaying the best of your products to enticing them with certain offers and discounts, re-engagement emails can instantly make you a priority for a prospective customer.

See how Jack Wills nails it with a discount coupon:

email automation

7. Anniversary email

Everyone loves to get a little pampered on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries. So, as an e-commerce marketer, you should leverage it too. You can do that by sending warm wishes to your customers on their big day. A discount or a promo code with the email can trigger the emotional quotient in your customer. This, in turn, can entice them to purchase from you more often.


To make your e-commerce email marketing work, all you need to have is a clear understanding of strategies like email automation and the types of triggered emails. Just follow the above-mentioned guidelines and see how it brings you higher conversion rates in no time. Moreover, it will also help you get a loyal customer for life.

Happy Emailing!

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