MoEngage and mParticle Team Up to Simplify Data-driven Personalization

  • UPDATED: 07 December 2023
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Today, a marketing campaign is considered ineffective without personalization. According to a SmarterHQ study, 72% of consumers engage with messages that are personalized and tailored to their interests.

As a marketer, you are aware of the importance of personalization in campaigns. But there are instances where you must have struggled to leverage it fully. One of the common reasons why personalization does not work well is due to a lack of unified data. You might gather a lot of data from various channels but hit a roadblock while combining it to derive actionable insights from it. The lack of enriched data impacts the personalization strategy.

That’s why MoEngage has partnered with mParticle to build a bi-directional integration that simplifies personalization for omnichannel marketing.

mParticle is the largest independent Customer Data Platform (CDP) that integrates data and orchestrates it across different channels, partners, and systems. This data is then forwarded to partners like MoEngage seamlessly without extra data tracking efforts.

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform that enables your brand to personalize every customer interaction, drive engagement retention, and increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

How does the integration work?

A bidirectional integration for data-driven personalization
A partnership to help you personalize better

This bi-directional integration allows customer event attributes and enriched attributes in mParticle to flow to MoEngage, and vice versa.

  • Inbound Integration: Allows MoEngage to forward all campaign data generated to mParticle.
  • Outbound Integration: All the user data that you send to mParticle will be sent to MoEngage via server-to-server APIs.

“MoEngage is committed to making the lives of customer-obsessed marketers simpler. This integration helps you take advantage of the data customers share with brands to deliver relevant marketing. This partnership with mParticle will help you use two award winning technologies to power through personalized marketing programs.”
-Sanjay Kupae, Head of Alliances, MoEngage

Create actionable audience segments with mParticle’s Audiences

With the latest update, our integration with mParticle also supports mParticle’s Audiences. This feature helps create audience segments inside mParticle by defining certain parameters, which you can forward to MoEngage.

The feature also supports A/B testing, allowing you to split the audience segments into test groups, helping you identify the best-performing campaign.

How can your brand benefit from data-driven personalization?

Benefits of the mParticle integration

This bi-directional integration will help you to:

  • Analyze customer behavior accurately: mParticle will collect commerce attributes such as event counts and occurrences across different channels, while MoEngage helps to understand consumer behavior, trends, user paths, and affinities.
  • Target the right customers: You can segment customers by behavior or preferences by leveraging customer data from mParticle. MoEngage creates predictive segments, affinity scores, and churn risks so that you can leverage this for targeted campaigns.
  • Personalize experiences: You can use the interest and intent data from every customer touchpoint to send the right message at the right time and capture your customers’ micro-moments.

You will also be able to:

  • Enrich mParticle customer data with campaign data from MoEngage events such as notifications clicked, emails clicked, and SMS clicked to be used for optimizing ML algorithms.
  • Forward Conversion Events like Purchases Made, Song Played, Bill Payment Done, etc., from MoEngage to external analytics tools.
  • Set up MoEngage data tracking with a few clicks by forwarding all data from mParticle.

“Personalization needs to be consistent across every customer touchpoint, or you risk losing customers. By integrating customer data from different systems, we empower marketers to leverage it to power omnichannel personalization. The integration with MoEngage makes it easy to track customer journeys and interests and execute rich personalized marketing across digital touchpoints.”
-Jake Dell’Aquilla, Head of Technology Partnerships, mParticle

Conclusion: Take your personalization strategy to the next level

Data plays a significant role in personalization. It helps you to personalize your communication at every stage of the customer’s journey — from creating brand awareness to remarketing, retaining, and converting them into brand advocates. It also has to be consistent across all channels. The richer the data, the better your personalization strategy.

The bi-directional integration between MoEngage and mParticle empowers you to take your data-driven personalization strategy to the next level and grow your business. We hope you are able to implement your campaigns seamlessly.



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