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Deliver Relevant and Personalized Experiences to Your Customers

Envision, create, deliver, and optimize contextual web experiences for each website visitor based on behavior, history, preferences, and more.

Build Personalized Campaigns at Scale Effortlessly

Go from vision to reality in minutes with our visual “What You See Is What You Get” WYSIWYG editor — no development time required.

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Create Relevant Experiences For Anonymous Visitors and Customers

Customize web content based on an anonymous visitor’s device, location, traffic source, and more. Refine web experiences for customers based on attributes and affinities.

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Run Multivariate Tests and Optimize With Actionable Insights

Run multiple experiments across user cohorts and segments to know what’s working. Get the right insights such as revenue metrics to optimize strategies for long-term growth.

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Achieve Personalization At Scale Quickly and Easily

Implement and Go Live in Minutes

Create beautiful, personalized web experiences in three simple steps – identify customer segments, create campaigns with our visual builder, and analyze and optimize with our analytics suite.

Hyper-personalize With Deeper Segmentation

Unlock contextual one-to-one experiences and trigger personalized content based on segments, attributes, day of the week, device type, time spent on page, pages viewed per session, and more.

Preview and Test Web Experiences

Always know how your web experience will display to your unique audiences. Preview and test your experiences across browsers and devices before taking them live with our no-code builder.

Transform Your Website Into A True Pillar Of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Create personal experiences that resonate with each customer across Website, Email, Mobile, SMS, Whatsapp, and multiple other channels.

Deliver Dynamic Content To Unique Customers

Personalize website content with product and content recommendations based on the frequency of views, similar purchases, device, or the location of your customers.

Build Web Experiences Based on Cart Activity

Help customers continue from where they left off to lift conversions. Show relevant web content on the home page, category page, or product pages based on cart activity.

Personalize Content Based on Real-time Activity

Contextualize web experiences based on real-time browsing behavior, traffic sources, or viewed offers. Show related content or product recommendations based on offers sent on other channels.

Our Customers’ Stories Speak for Themselves
Mamikos Boosts Room Rental Bookings by 20%

MoEngage helps us get a 360° view of our users. This helps us build a user-centric approach to our product experience and marketing communication. We are better equipped to understand user pain points and improve the overall user experience. This has also helped us grow conversions and takes us closer to our goal of being the most-preferred rental app in the region.

Toni Indrawan
Product Manager, Mamikos
Magenta Telekom's App Adoption Grows by 1.5X

With MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform, we created a seamless digitalized Customer Engagement where we were engaging our customers using personalized push notifications, in-app messages, and emails.

Kirsten Theiner
One App, Magenta Telekom
Landmark Group Achieves 56% Uplift in Purchases

MoEngage powers our end-to-end strategies for customer engagement, retention, and user journey mapping. It has helped us to reduce our cart abandonment by 20% and improved the retention rate by 30%.

Joydeep Das
Lead Digital Marketing, Lifestyle by Landmark Group
VieON Improves MAUs by 3X Using Insights-led Engagement

MoEngage enables us to set up various flows to retarget both new and old users. We’ve used push notifications, in-app communications, and emails to reach and provide customers with a relevant and personalized experience. We aim to deepen our customer understanding and delight them even more!

Anh-Phuong Nguyen Vo
Sr. Marketing Manager, VieON
Furlenco Boosts App-Driven Subscriptions from 30% to 75%

As a subscription company, it is essential for us to ensure that we are continuously adding value to our customers so they stay with us long-term. We use MoEngage to engage our customers meaningfully and collect feedback to incorporate later into our offerings.

Rohin Hans
Sr. Director - Digital Marketing, Furlenco
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Personalization?

We’ve all experienced personalization in some way or another. Imagine you see an ad on your social feed and visit the advertiser’s site to see the same offer on the website. Or you have browsed a set of products on a site and come back to the site to see product recommendations in-tune with your browsing history.

Web personalization is a strategy used by marketers to create unique experiences for each individual customer. These experiences include tailored customer journeys, recommendations, dynamic content, and curated exclusive offers for each website visitor.

How can Web Personalization help me achieve my business goals?

Customers get frustrated when brands send irrelevant content or product recommendations. Additionally, brands that use personalization see a 10% to 15% boost in their revenues and lower acquisition costs.
Web Personalization helps marketers create tailored customer journeys catering to each customer’s needs, driving improved customer experiences and leading to a lift in conversions.

How can I personalize my website?

Implementing Web Personalization is super easy and quick. You can set it up and get it running in a few hours. Just install an SDK (JS snippet) on the website that you wish to personalize and begin personalizing experiences with the no-code builder.

Will it slow down my site load speed?

Your site load speed will not be affected in any way. Our API response and JWT load times are designed in a way that they do not impact site load speeds.

What level of development work is required to implement Web Personalization?

Marketers can create, publish and scale personalized web experiences using a no-code visual builder – without any tech or development dependencies.

Does this work on Mobile Web as well?

If your desktop and mobile website are the same responsive website – your personalization campaigns will reflect on both versions.
If your desktop and mobile sites are different – you will have to run different personalization campaigns on each.

How is Web Personalization different from A/B testing?

With personalization, you can create unique experiences for each customer, while A/B testing helps you find the best-performing variant for a set of consumers. We offer A/B testing as part of our Personalization suite.

Will the existing MoEngage SDK work for MoEngage Personalize?

A new Web SDK is required for MoEngage Personalize.

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