MoEngage Next 2023: Unveiling New Products To Help Brands Build Tailored Customer Experiences Using Data

  • UPDATED: 10 April 2024
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On October 4th, hundreds of marketers and product managers glued their eyes to their screens, eagerly awaiting the new product launches announced in MoEngage NEXT 2023.

At the event, MoEngage’s CEO, Raviteja Dodda, and the SVP of Product, Nalin Goel, unveiled six major products curated to help brands unlock the power of customer data and use it to create hyper-relevant product experiences for their customers.

You can view the recording of MoEngage NEXT 2023 here:

In this article, we explore these exciting releases and how MoEngage’s new innovations can bring you closer to achieving your business goals!

1. Launching New Native Warehouse Capabilities

Without the ability to move data as fast as the business needs, even the most engaging campaigns can fall flat. And majority of brands face significant challenges when activating data from multiple sources – high engineering dependency, long implementation cycles, and high costs.

Syncing and activating data from Cloud Data sources hassle-free has always been challenging for brands. 

The good news is we have built a solution that enables you to put complex and untapped data sitting in the cloud data sources directly in the hands of the marketer in just a few clicks.

Introducing Cloud Data Sync (CDS)

Cloud Data Sync allows businesses to periodically sync and activate data from their cloud data sources through an easy, fast, and secure integration. Brands can then use this data for further segmentation, targeting, and personalization.

CDS gives you the flexibility to set up and automate data sync from your cloud data sources into MoEngage. Through CDS, we now support native integrations with data warehouses like Snowflake and Cloud storage like S3 and SFTP.

As an extension to Cloud Data Sync, we are also building Warehouse Audiences that would allow marketers to create powerful segments directly on top of the data in the Data warehouses  – without the hassle of reverse ETL.

With the introduction of Cloud Data Sync and Warehouse Audiences, MoEngage would be one of the first Warehouse Native Customer Engagement Platforms – thus empowering our customers with the enormous horsepower of their cloud data sources.

Read more on how you can seamlessly move data from your warehouses into MoEngage to create more personalized engagement.

2. Introducing Merlin AI, MoEngage’s Generative AI Engine

Merlin AI, MoEngage’s Generative AI Engine, will help marketers add Generative AI magic to their campaigns to amplify creativity and intelligence, improve productivity, and reduce time to value without replacing the power of the human imagination.

We launched Merlin AI with a vision to make marketers’ lives easier and be their favorite sidekick.

Merlin AI is not just another Gen AI tool. Merlin AI is a self-generative AI tool that gets better over time – It understands the performance of your past campaigns and suggests the right keywords for your campaigns. It tailors the context for the business goal you want to achieve and adapts the content of the notifications to your brand tone and style.

Read more about how Merlin AI can help marketers turn into heroes!

3. Launching In-App Nudges to Create Contextual Product Experiences

A seamless customer experience can build brand loyalty by creating a positive emotional connection between the customer and the brand. Customers are more likely to stick to your brand if you provide a consistent and positive experience across all touchpoints.

To help marketers deliver seamless, contextual customer experiences on mobile devices, we at MoEngage have launched non-intrusive In-App Nudges.

MoEngage’s In-App Nudges help marketers

  • Announce new features and updates
  • Drive feature discovery and product adoption
  • Get instant feedback
  • Convert and retain more customers

All this without hampering their app experience.

Read in detail to understand how you can leverage In-App Nudges for your brand and how they can help you improve your LTV and retention.

4. Revealing Brand New AI-driven Recommendation Models

Modern consumers expect brands to deliver more personalized and contextually relevant communication. They find irrelevant content and product recommendations to be their most frustrating experience with brands.

Although B2C marketers understand the need for personalized recommendations, most are not well-equipped to create memorable customer experiences at scale.

MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations is now powered by new recommendation models that consider customers’ preferences, past interactions, and engagement patterns to generate hyper-relevant product recommendations.

MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations help marketers

  • Ease product discovery
  • Prevent customer dissatisfaction
  • Create the perfect purchase journey
  • Deliver better shopping experiences

Here’s a detailed article explaining each recommendation model and listing all the different ways you can leverage these models for multiple use cases.

5. Introducing Business Events

Marketers at consumer brands often build campaigns based on business activities such as new TV show releases, products that are back in stock, delays in flight timings, or a limited-time investment opportunity.

Building campaigns on these business events requires marketers to create multiple campaigns for multiple products across multiple customer segments. This adds complexity to the process and has downstream effects on reporting, making it challenging to understand how a business event-related campaign performs.

MoEngage’s Business Events changes that!

MoEngage Business Events for Media and Entertainment brands

Thanks to Business Events, MoEngage customers can

  • Quickly set up, automate, and analyze business event campaigns
  • Communicate business events to specific and relevant sets of customers
  • Improve operational efficiency when multiple campaigns, products, and segments are involved

To learn how you can leverage Business Events in your organization, check out this article.

6. Launching Auxiliary Data

Does your current engagement platform not support uploading temporary data? Do you rack up expenses to store data you don’t need forever? Do you have a lot of data clutter, leading to confusion in decision-making?

Well, then MoEngage’s Auxiliary Data is the solution you need!


Auxiliary Data enables marketers and product managers to seamlessly upload short-term supplemental data that can be used to achieve various goals – from driving personalized campaigns to targeted engagement, data enrichment, and more.

Brands can temporarily ingest data for specific timeframes and keep it separate from the stored, permanent data, ensuring maximum flexibility while avoiding clutter. Additionally, using Auxiliary Data, you don’t need to run regular data maintenance efforts to remove outdated data.

Auxiliary Data also optimizes data storage by preventing the extra costs of retaining short-term data within non-temporary structures and attributes, effectively reducing data management expenses.

Read more about this product in detail here.

Conclusion and Next Steps

As customer expectations evolve, with the launch of these new capabilities, we aim to provide brands with the most unified and real-time customer profiles and superior ways to engage their customers. All this while having a magical sidekick (Merlin AI) they can count on!

Contact your favorite account manager if you’re an existing MoEngage customer and want to start using any of these new releases. If you’re new to MoEngage, you can schedule a demo here.