Introducing Merlin AI: A Generative AI Engine That Makes You A Marketing Hero!

Merlin AI combines the creative genius of Open AI (GPT LLM) with campaign performance to maximize engagement and deliver more impactful campaigns.

  • UPDATED: 25 April 2024
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“Save, you must. Special savings account with higher interest, we offer. Hmmm.”

“Stylish downtown apartments now available. Dance into your dream home!”

“Purr-fect deals on sleek and stylish wear. Steal the show!”

Imagine the love you would get from your audience if you had Yoda, Mia Wallace, or Catwoman (DC) write your Push Notification copies for you!

What if you had them working endlessly to create awesome content for your campaigns guaranteed to drive you a high ROI? We’ve done exactly this!

Well… sort of. 😉

About Merlin AI

Generative AI has taken the Martech world by storm.

With the release of multiple NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT, Claude, PaLM 2, Falcon, LLaMa, and various others, the adoption of Generative AI has spiked in the past few months.

We are excited to announce that we have successfully merged the advantages of Generative AI with the world of Customer Engagement with the launch of our latest product, Merlin AI.

Unlike other Generative AI platforms, Merlin AI learns from the performance of your past campaigns, understands context based on your audience and use case, considers the positive and negative impact of certain keywords, and helps you build high ROI-driving campaigns.

Merlin AI Now Supercharges Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

We’re excited to share that MoEngage’s Generative AI engine, Merlin AI for Copywriting, has gotten new upgrades! Marketers can now tap into its advanced AI capabilities to generate highly engaging copy across –

  • Push Notifications
  • Emails
  • In-App Messages
  • Cards
  • On-site Messaging channels.

Since its initial launch for Push campaigns last year, Merlin AI for Copywriting has received tremendous customer love, with top consumer brands leveraging it to drive remarkable results.

Deutsche Telekom used it for their prepaid activation campaigns and saw a staggering 65% jump in click-through rates. They found that the AI-generated copies from Merlin AI outperformed their manually crafted ones, enabling them to connect with customers more effectively through contextually relevant messaging.

By understanding past campaign performance data, historical keywords, campaign goals, and channel dynamics, Merlin AI tailors the content to resonate with your audiences. This allows marketers to boost key metrics like email open rates, in-app click-through rates, and overall engagement.

Oh, and Merlin AI directly integrates with MoEngage’s campaign builder, meaning you don’t have to navigate to a different page to use our Generative AI engine and then switch back to your campaign creation screen. Other platforms require you to switch between the Generative engine and campaign creation pages, which is great if you’re looking for a quick workout for your fingers and don’t mind breaking your flow.

Read on to learn how Merlin AI can help you up your Customer Engagement game!👇

Why did we call our Generative AI engine ‘Merlin AI’?

Howard Pyle's illustration of Merlin for The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (1903). Source: Wikipedia.
Howard Pyle’s illustration of Merlin for The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (1903). Source: Wikipedia.

Merlin is a mythical figure prominently featured in the legend of King Arthur.

He is known to be one of the greatest wizards of all time. Merlin AI is inspired by his unparalleled proficiency in magic and performing feats other wizards could not.

What Makes Merlin AI the Best in the Business?

Merlin AI can automate content creation, saving you time and effort.

Generative AI models can be used to create campaign copies, campaign assets, product descriptions, and a lot more!

You can build a steady stream of creative and consistent content thanks to Merlin AI.

With Halloween approaching, let’s consider you want to create a Push Notification campaign targeting your Gen Z audience, announcing a sale.

Here’s what other Generative AI tools would be able to generate:

Limitations of other Generative AI tools
Limitations of other Generative AI tools

This Push Notification copy does the bare minimum of announcing a Halloween sale for the Gen Z audience. However, it lacks certain keywords and has a generic tone and style.

Now, let’s try to recreate the same Push Notification using Merlin AI and see what makes it unique.

1. Merlin AI’s easy-to-use prompt builder saves time.

With Merlin AI, you can spend less time thinking of a prompt that will give you the best copies.

You can easily pick filters and criteria to create copies for a specific campaign, use case, and audience using Merlin AI’s prompt builder. You can also define the tone and writing style of the content using an intuitive UI.

High-performing keywords suggested by Merlin AI
High-performing keywords suggested by Merlin AI

2. Merlin AI suggests keywords based on their impact on your previous campaigns.

Our Generative AI engine learns from your historic campaign performances and trains itself to create content using the most impactful, trending, and necessary keywords that drive high results.

Merlin AI adds impactful keywords (that have driven higher engagement or conversion goals in the past) and automatically removes negative keywords (that correlate with lower engagement, from its copies.

Next, let’s give Merlin AI some more context about our audience and the tone and style we want to pick for this campaign.

Tone, style and audience options by Merlin AI
Tone, style and audience options by Merlin AI

By selecting ‘Gen Z Enthusiasts’ as the segment, Merlin AI understands the audience you want to build this campaign for. By selecting ‘FOMO’ and ‘Emoji Language,’ Merlin AI further understands the emotion you want to convey and in which writing style.

3. Merlin AI understands context, audience, tone, and writing style.

You can prompt Merlin AI to create or modify content with a specific tone. For example, Formal, Quirky, Persuasive, Empathetic, Humorous, and more. Marketers can also ask Merlin AI to create content with a particular persona or celebrity writing style like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs.

After we hit Generate, here’s the copy Merlin AI suggests:

Output 1 for Halloween campaign by Merlin AI
Output 1 for the Halloween campaign by Merlin AI

The difference between the Push Notification copy generated by the generic AI tool and Merlin AI is night and day!

Don’t you feel eager to get started already? Hold on, there’s more!

Let’s say you have another great idea for the campaign, and you want to run an A/B test to experiment and see which copy works best.

Do you have to go back and revisit the campaign parameters? No! You can immediately create a new variation and (if needed) give new prompts for the other variant.

Check it out:

Creating a new variation for the Halloween campaign
Creating a new variation for the Halloween campaign

4. Merlin AI lets you regenerate new copy variations with a single click.

You can create more options without returning to the first step of your campaign creation process and re-enter the campaign parameters.

Here’s the new copy we successfully generated with the click on a button:

New variant for the Halloween campaign by Merlin AI
The new variant for the Halloween campaign by Merlin AI

A/B testing and experimentation is important when you’re running large-scale campaigns. Let’s see how Merlin AI helps you create multiple variants for testing.

A/B testing using Merlin AI
A/B testing using Merlin AI

To create multiple variations for A/B testing, we’ve selected the existing Push Notification copy. Immediately, Merlin AI automatically pulls in the relevant context.

You can tweak the prompts here or directly generate new variations.

5. Merlin AI creates multiple variants for A/B testing in seconds.

Our Generative AI engine simplifies your A/B testing and automation processes by generating multiple variations of assets and copies (such as content for push notifications, emails, SMS, advertisements, subject lines, creative assets, social media graphics, and more!) with a single click!

You can then test these variations against each other, optimizing your campaigns for maximum ROI. Read more about MoEngage’s Campaign Optimization suite here.

Once done, these are the new variations Merlin AI shows:

Multiple copy variants for A/B testing
Multiple copy variants for A/B testing

And with this, we’re ready to go live with our Halloween campaign!

The next time you create a sales announcement, Merlin AI will add the performance of this campaign to its learnings and tweak itself further to improve its suggestions based on your context.

6. Merlin AI is a self-learning Generative AI algorithm

Merlin AI is a self-learning Generative AI engine. It constantly evolves and improves its understanding of your context, the keywords you use, the audience you target, and the results your campaigns have seen.

The true power of Merlin AI lies in its ability to adapt and learn from new information and experiences by analyzing patterns, trends, and customer interactions, allowing it to generate increasingly accurate and contextual copies.

What’s Next for Merlin AI?

Marketers wear multiple hats, often managing multiple responsibilities to engage their customers meaningfully, drive more conversions, and deliver seamless customer experiences.

You need to deliver innovative campaigns, create compelling and personalized content,  build eye-catching illustrations, and constantly run experiments to test what’s working to achieve the brand’s goals.

This can be tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming. But it isn’t supposed to be.

Merlin AI is built to help marketers like you go live with innovative campaigns faster, experiment quickly, and improve the ROI from your Customer Engagement efforts.

With Merlin AI, we aim to empower you to create engaging and impactful campaigns while spending less time on creative generation, segment identification, campaign ideation, and gathering insights.

New upcoming capabilities of Merlin AI
New upcoming capabilities of Merlin AI

1. Merlin AI for Creatives

Merlin AI for Creative Generation will help marketers build multiple creative variations for A/B testing at scale, giving you diverse creative options for experimentation in minutes.

Merlin AI accelerates the creative process efficiently, saving time and effort while crafting multiple versions. Merlin AI uses its understanding of your audience segments to build relevant creatives for your Customer Engagement campaigns.

2. Merlin AI for Segmentation

Marketers spend much time and effort optimizing campaign creatives, leaving them with little time to create intricate customer segments.

Additionally, the customer segments you plan to ideally send communication to rarely translate into a segment on your Customer Engagement platform due to complexities on user attributes, events, and event attributes or adding multiple filters.

Merlin AI for Segment Creation makes it seamless and quick for marketers. You can input a sentence defining your segment in detail, and Merlin AI will automatically check the metadata of existing attributes to create the exact segment you need!

3. Merlin AI for Campaign Creation

Constantly coming up with innovative campaign ideas that resonate with their audience is another challenge marketers face regularly.

Merlin AI for Campaign Ideation assists marketers in brainstorming and developing innovative campaign concepts and ideas.

By entering campaign parameters, campaign objectives, and audiences, Merlin AI can help you rapidly generate entire campaigns and customer journeys along with relevant copy, creative assets, and visuals that are guaranteed to engage customers in new and exciting ways!

4. Merlin AI for Conversational Insights

Insights into campaign performance and their long-term impact on key North Star metrics such as revenue, LTV, engagement, churn, and retention are important to marketers.

However, getting these insights can often take time and might need marketing teams to rely on other functions such as Product or Data teams.

Merlin AI for Conversational Insights simplifies insights gathering by offering campaign insights and performance data at speed and scale.

You can ask queries about campaign performance or ask Merlin AI to generate reports and trends about how your customers react to your campaigns.


Why do marketers need Merlin AI?
Why do marketers need Merlin AI?

Merlin AI is the next step in the Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation ladder. It enables marketers to:

  1. Automate content and creative creation. MoEngage’s latest Generative AI engine creates copies for push notification, email, and SMS campaigns based on the campaign type, use case, and audience segment, saving you time and reducing manual effort.
  2. Drive higher ROI from engagement strategies. Merlin AI taps into your historical campaign performance, identifies impactful keywords, and combines it with your campaign objective and context to generate copies and creatives, ensuring you have data-backed and relevant assets guaranteed to drive better results.
  3. Experiment and test multiple versions at scale. With Merlin AI, you can generate multiple variations for copies and creative for your campaigns, helping you quickly set up A/B or Multivariate tests for experimentation.
  4. Keep your data safe and protected. Marketers like yourself do not have to rely on an external Generative AI tool to create copies. You don’t have to risk sharing proprietary or sensitive data with third-party Generative AI platforms, such as historical campaign information or audience segments.

If you’re an existing MoEngage customer and want to get started with Merlin AI, reach out to your favorite account manager. If you’re new to MoEngage, you can schedule a demo of Merlin AI here.