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Product Announcement: Introducing Teams and Campaign Approval Workflow for Large Marketing Teams

  • Updated: 01 October 2020
  • 4 min read

Seamless. From the queue at the local Starbucks opanutlet to Apple’s newest apps - ‘seamless’ lays the foundation of consumer experiences today. 

With multiple channels of communication, multiple devices, and varied touchpoints across the digital landscape, broken customer experiences can spell doom for brand marketing. 

That’s why companies lay greater emphasis on a unified approach to marketing than ever before. However, providing a seamless journey to consumers comes with one serious caveat - silos within the marketing teams, alignment, and collaboration among marketers, campaign managers, and product managers in an enterprise.

Product announcement | MoEngage

A leading lifestyle retail client in the SEA region with a diverse portfolio of brands, managed by over 50 teams,  approached us with a looming challenge:

They have multiple competing teams within any given business vertical. Since all the teams would be chasing the same success metrics, they wanted every team to have its own space on the Dashboard that would let them:

  • Implement their winning strategies in a private workspace within the MoEngage platform.
  • Give them a view of just their own team’s campaigns, metrics, progress and more.

Another leading online hospitality client had a specific roadblock they wanted to address:

Their teams worked out of multiple geographies, executing regional strategies and campaigns. However, customers engaged with the brand through their website and app touchpoints, which are common across all geographies. This meant that all the marketing campaigns, analytics were crammed into a single dashboard adding to the clutter. 

Cluttered dashboard

A Marketer's Cluttered Dashboard

These were not the only two companies that faced these challenges. During various discussions we’ve had with large enterprises and online businesses, there are three key challenges that stand out:

  • Not having a private space for a team to implement their winning strategies.
  • Companies have multiple digital assets that are managed by different members of a team. Lack of a seamless approval and feedback flow among team members that can lead to wrong messages being triggered to users.
  • Inefficiencies in their teams’ operations due to a cluttered dashboard. 

We, at MoEngage, focus on arming marketers with the tools that enable them to work together as a team and be more efficient. That’s why we took this feedback and built two brand new capabilities to our platform: Teams and Campaign Approval Workflow.

MoEngage Teams

Marketing automation that’s enterprise ready

Here’s what MoEngage Teams lets you do.

MoEngage Teams Features

MoEngage Teams Features

Here’s how Teams can benefit your enterprise: 

  • Maintain privacy among teams competing with each other to achieve the same business goals.
  • Remove clutter: making it easier for marketers to focus on relevant campaigns, among hundreds of campaigns on a dashboard.
  • Keep global control of the message limits per day, per week, even though the messages are sent by different teams.
  • Enables managers to oversee campaigns and measure progress for various teams.
  • Stitch marketing efforts: across teams and functions.

If you’d like to discuss more on MoEngage Teams, reach out to us at

MoEngage Campaign Approval Workflows

Let’s talk a little more about a typical enterprise marketing setup.

Campaign workflow in an enterprise

Campaign workflow in an enterprise

We all know how this can impact your customer engagement and even sales!

Enter MoEngage Campaign Approval Workflows (CAF)

How Campaign Approval Workflows Help.

Campaign Approval Workflow roles

Campaign Approval Workflows Roles

Here’s what it means for your enterprise:

  • Smooth workflow: Between members of a team where managers can approve campaigns before they go live.
  • Transparent feedback loop: No more email threads, Slack messages, and Skype-calls for feedback. It’s all going to be in one place on a single dashboard. 
  • Paramount control: Only the authorized members of your team can schedule/ publish campaigns after the approval loop has been closed.

Here’s what the workflow looks like with CAF

Campaign Approval Workflows

Campaign Approval Workflows

If you want to discuss more on MoEngage Campaign Approval Workflow, send an email to



Let’s face it, we’re living in a world where ‘automation meets human collaboration’ is the way forward. With corporations constantly striving to have the best of both worlds, we’re trying to make a dent where it matters the most. 

If you are an enterprise with similar challenges like our clients, we’d like to hear them out. Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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