Email Clicks Analysis, Suppression List, Spam Checker & more [Product Update]

  • UPDATED: 02 September 2022
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Our recent feature releases in Email Campaigns empower marketers by enabling them to learn from Email Click data, to manage list of unsubscribed users, and to avoid sending potential spam content. These are made possible by giving them access to new tools – Email Clicks Analysis, Suppression List Management & Spam Checker.

Email Clicks Analysis

Performance of Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and links in your email template is critical to understanding how your subscribers respond to your emails. Hence, we released a Clicks Analysis feature (available on Campaign Info Page) which includes –

  • Click Map that shows the no. of clicks and Click-Through-Rate data for each CTA & link on your actual Email template – enabling you to understand which CTA works and which doesn’t. You also have an option to export this Click Map as a pdf.
  • Click Table & Graph that show a consolidated list & histogram of all CTAs & links in your email with no. of unique & total clicks against each CTA.

Email Clicks Analysis

You can read more about this feature in our help article

Suppression List Management

As part of good email sending practices, we do not send any email to users – who have earlier unsubscribed or their email address bounced or they reported a spam complaint – even if they fall into a target segment of an email campaign. This list of users is referred to as the Suppression List.

We have built a feature to Manage Suppression List of users where you can view users who have unsubscribed/bounced/reported spam. You can also add email addresses who wish to stop receiving emails (or) remove email addresses who wish to receive emails again to this list.

You can read more about this feature in our help article and see your suppression list here. Please note this feature is available only if you have set up our Default Connector for sending emails.

Email Spam Checker

One of the core problems with email marketing is Emails landing into Spam. While your email sending frequency & subscriber engagement metrics are important culprits, your email template & content can also be a major contributor to your sending reputation.

To detect a potential spam content, we built Spam Checker (available during email campaign creation) that runs a series of spam filter tests and returns a Spam Score – the lower the score, the lesser the chances of email landing into spam.

Email Spam Checker

You can read more about this feature in our help article.

What’s possible with MoEngage Email Campaigns?

Our Email Campaign product covers all components of Email Marketing as mentioned below:

  • Managing Email Subscribers – Capturing email addresses from Mobile App or Website and creating targeted segments of users
  • Email Creation – Either Import Email Templates or design directly in our Email Editor
  • Send Personalized emails – Personalization of Email Subject & Content (Text, URLs & Images) on user attributes (Name, location etc.) or user activity data (product viewed, first transacted etc.)
  • Email Scheduling – Send One-time emails, Recurring/Automated emails & User Activity Triggered Emails
  • Email Delivery – Delivery through our default SMTP connector and all Deliverability Metrics (from segment count to successfully sent to opens/clicks)
  • Conversion Metrics – With our Mobile & Web SDKs, track conversion events on your app or website after email clicks and attribute these to campaign success metrics
  • Limit Number & Timing of Emails – Limit number of emails sent to each user and setup a Do Not Disturb time to avoid triggering emails to your subscribers at odd hours.

From our experience of working with clients sending Triggered Marketing Emails, we have seen an outstanding email open rates of more than 30%. This emphasizes the prominence of emails as an active marketing channel to drive web/mobile conversions by adopting evolved sending practices and improving user engagement.

You can learn more about triggered email campaigns or request a demo by clicking on the button below:

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