[Product Updates] New Features and Updates From September 2021

  • UPDATED: 26 December 2022
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September has been an important month for us at MoEngage. We introduced tons of new features during our customer connect, MoEngage NEXT to help you craft delightful experiences for your customers and foster deeper bonds.

We’ve included AI-driven predictions and segmentation capabilities to empower your teams to make data-driven decisions. We also want to make sure it’s easier to use these new features on our platform. That’s why we announced an overhaul to our UI and much more.

AI-powered Predictions

Go beyond past actions, current interests, and forecast your customers’ future preferences with MoEngage Predictions. Leverage ML and AI capabilities to accurately forecast customer actions and offer the most relevant product or service recommendations. Delight billions of customers and win trust using MoEngage Predictions.

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Affinity Segments

Affinity Segments helps you group customers based on dominant preferences beyond their past behavior and transactions. Build segments based on their brand/category affinity, lifestyle, time, or usage to match your products to the most receptive set of customers. Create promotional strategies that appeal to customers’ emotions and be the brand they can relate to.

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Reach out at the right moment with the ‘Best Time to Send’ feature

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

Eliminate the guesswork to decide the right send time for your campaigns. We’ve introduced the “Best Time to Send” capability that learns from your customer’s activity over time to identify the perfect timing. Our AI engine, Sherpa, also adapts to changing customer behavior and continuously updates the “Best Time to Send.”

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Engage customers on their most preferred channel

Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channel | MoEngage

Reach out to your customers through their preferred channel instead of sending communication across all touchpoints.  Sherpa, our AI engine, looks at past engagement preferences and tags the information with the customer profile. This means you can easily re-group your customers based on their most receptive channels. Sharpen your campaign efficiency and engage with your customers at the right time.

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Did you notice our brand new UI?

Campaign creation is now consistent

We want to ensure you’re able to execute your engagement strategies faster. We also wanted to ensure consistency across all channels of the MoEngage platform. This means that how you design your email campaigns will be the same as how you create your SMS or push campaigns. Plus, we’ve made changes to our UI to make it more intuitive and easy to use. Give it a try, and let us know what you think about the new MoEngage experience.

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Before you go, take a look at a brand new way to build customer journeys with MoEngage Flows 2.0

MoEngage Flows 2.0 is here

If you’d like to know more about these features or want to get started using them, drop us a note at [email protected]. And if you’re new to MoEngage, schedule a personalized walkthrough of our platform.