4 Ways to Boost Revenues During Ramadan Using an Insights-led Approach

  • UPDATED: 26 December 2022
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Like every year, 2022 Ramadan season is likely to drive a sudden recurring spike in mobile traffic. Marketers in the SEA region are always looking forward to this time to drive personalized campaigns and drive sales. However, with every passing year they are witnessing diminishing returns on their campaigns.

The traditional campaign-centric approach is unidimensional and relies on communicating and showcasing product features linearly without considering the vast spectrum of customer preferences.


Therefore, to make the best of this season, a shift from the traditional campaign-centric approach towards an insights-led approach or strategy is rightly needed. An insights-led strategy relies on customer usage patterns of the product to communicate the core, making it far more personalized and effective.

This post will look into how marketers in the SEA region can apply an insights-led approach to better analyze, segment, and engage mobile customers. Additionally, we will propose four steps that marketers can apply to boost their sales during the Ramadan season.

What is an Insights-led Strategy?

There are three steps to drive an insights-led strategy:

Analyze and Segment: The first step is to analyze customer behavior and segment them meaningfully. These segments allow you to create relevant campaigns and improve the product experience for customers.

Engage: Once multiple segments are in place, you can orchestrate your customer’s journeys with the help of personalized messages sent via push notifications, E-mails, videos, etc., across multiple channels.

Optimize: AI and machine learning identify the best time, the right communication, and optimum customer journeys to boost your messages’ deliverability further.

On top of it, an insights-led approach builds further by sending personalized and engaging content to the right customers.

Additionally, marketers get to take this streamlined and effective approach and apply it across multiple channels to drive engagement and sales. All of this roughly sums up to four actionable strategies that marketers can follow to engage their customers in this Ramadan. These are:

Understand and Identify your Customers

In order to understand your customers, the first step is segmenting them on the basis of their behavior. We have uncovered the following shopping patterns in the festive season using behavioral segmentation. This is many steps ahead of the conventional segmentation based on demographic variables.


Customer’ behavioral segmentation comes from many usage patterns often determined by three factors: recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM.) Marketers equipped with the proper behavioral segmentation can run highly targeted marketing campaigns during Ramadan to drive sales.

While marketers widely use demographic segmentation, it does not delve deep into the respective behavior patterns of the customer. This is why marketers who send personalized messages using an insights-led approach outdo the ones using conventional segmentation.

We have seen in-app conversion rates increase by 23% and 255% for Android and iOS devices respectively for customers running personalized action-based campaigns.

Read how Blibli boosted their engagement by 70% and repeat purchase by 43.75% using gamification as an effective segmentation strategy.

Reach the Right Customers and Reach them Effectively

Our findings also revealed that apps getting the most traction during the Ramadan season belong to shopping, finance, gaming, and entertainment. DAUs and MAUs for these apps often rise by significant margins during the festival.

Age groups for these customers vary because every member in the family has a smartphone. Thus, crafting compelling messages becomes a necessity.

Our data shows that marketers who have sent messages based on customer attributes have seen an uptick in their in-app campaigns.


Engage your Customers with an Immersive Experience

Brands must focus on data-driven marketing to re-engage high-intent audiences and drive personalization at scale. An insights-led strategy open you up, to multiple possibilities due to the sheer amount of meaningful and interpretable data it can deliver.

What is even better is the ability to create immersive experiences during the mobile moments of truth robustly. Marketers can help their brands stand out by leveraging custom creatives to grab attention and drive meaningful connections during moments of truth.

Additionally, marketers can drive maximum reach and engagement with interactive videos.

Since many of these customers have come online for the first time, it is best for Brands to leverage the power of localization and go hyper-local by offering the messages in multiple languages.

Irrespective of the unified spiritual significance of Ramadan, consumers celebrating across different countries in Southeast Asia respond better to hyper-local offerings.

Close the Deal in Mobile Moments of Truth

Marketers in Southeast Asia should keep in mind that their targeted audience is always connected through multiple devices. During the Ramadan season, the usage gets further intense as testified from elevated DAUs and MAUs for apps. Marketers should build seamless buying journeys across multiple channels to get the best out of this opportunity.

Using an insights-led platform, marketers can deploy push notifications, E-mails, social media ads to create an omnichannel experience in bringing customers to the app.

At the same time, you can nudge the customers to discover relevant products or content categories with the help of in-app messages, and inbox feeds.

A wide array of digital channels and touchpoints for marketers directly translates to advanced cross-device attribution,  shoppable online-to-online, and online-to-offline experiences. Brands can leverage them in guiding consumers along the shopping journey and boost sales during Ramadan.

Read how Pops worldwide employed a mix of in-app messages, E-mails, and push notifications for sending personalized content and boost their video consumption by 46%.


An insight-based approach outweighs the traditional campaign-centric approach by miles when marketing to mobile customers. Marketers can carve out behavioral segments with ease and robustly deploy immersive experiences using push notifications, E-mails, and social media ads. Overall, you can expect to boost CTR by 52% and 44% for Android and iOS devices, respectively after personalization and provide a complete omnichannel experience during this festive season of Ramadan.

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