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How POPS Worldwide Increased Product Stickiness by 19% via Personalized Content Recommendations


What is POPS Worldwide?

POPS Worldwide is Southeast Asia’s leading digital entertainment powerhouse with more than 427 million subscribers. POPS curates and offers a diverse library of digital-first content including music, comics, video entertainment, and edutainment for different age groups and demographics, with a primary focus on children, GenZ, and Millennials across Southeast Asia.

The Challenge

As with every other OTT streaming platform, maintaining a high DAU:MAU ratio is a top priority for the Marketing team at POPS Worldwide. A high DAU:MAU ratio indicates high product stickiness and customer retention, directly increasing the overall revenue (LTV).

The Solution

The Marketing team at POPS Worldwide implemented different strategies to drive product stickiness. One of the key strategies was delivering personalized content recommendations to their customers via different channels like emails, push notifications, and in-app messages.
increase in DAU:MAU ratio
increase in video content consumption

A Word From the POPS Worldwide Marketing Team

We’ve taken several steps to ensure we maintain consistent growth in our DAU:MAU ratio, and MoEngage has played an important role in making each step possible. Thanks to their insights-led engagement platform, we are able to ensure our customers discover content they will love on the POPS platform.
Lộc Đỗ Hoàng
Senior Marketing Manager - Growth
Customer centricity is at the core of our values at POPS and it is refreshing to see MoEngage share the same values. MoEngage has proven to be a trusted partner in enabling us to provide value to our customers and increase our product stickiness significantly month-on-month.
Trang Ly
Vice President of Marketing

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