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  • UPDATED: 22 November 2023
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Telecom Selfcare apps adoption has been an important goal for the industry in recent years. Telecom service providers aspire to engage their app users and become the preferred gateway for their users for tasks ranging from bill payments, balance recharge, wallet transactions, opting for Value Added Services (VAS) and similar purchases.

Challenge Faced by Telecom Marketers in Selfcare App Adoption

For Telecom companies, Selfcare App provides an irresistible way to communicate on a 1:1 basis with their customers. Apps open a new sales channel for the telecom industry. But getting users to download the telecom Selfcare app is just the beginning for marketers. The challenge lies in connecting with the users more consistently and interactively. In this situation, push notifications have become pivotal for marketers to engage users on the platform in a proactive manner.

Benefits of push notifications for telecom marketers

There are a few ways in which the telecom industry can experience the direct benefits of using push notifications to overcome the challenge. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the most incredible benefits of push notifications for telecom marketers.

1. User Onboarding with Improved Engagement

You can use Push notifications to influence the user journey right from the beginning. For example, the user journeys for prepaid and postpaid users are different. Marketers can leverage predefined user flows to drive user engagement on their Selfcare apps.

User Onboarding with Improved Engagement
User Onboarding with Improved Engagement

Impact – Improved D1-D14 engagement. D1-D14 user engagement on Selfcare apps helps engage app users and prevent app uninstalls.

2. Grow Transactional Revenue with Event-based Triggers

Event-based triggers work exceptionally well in bringing back abandoned users to complete the transactions on the app. You can also leverage push notifications to send timely reminders to postpaid as well as prepaid users in the events such as low balance, data recharge and nearing bill due date. This personalized experience will help you ensure that users prefer your Selfcare app for payment transactions.

Grow Transactional Revenue with Event based Triggers
Grow Transactional Revenue with Event-based  Triggers

Impact – Increased Transactional Revenue. Timely reminders help in encouraging users to finish in-app payments increasing engagement and transactional revenue.

3. Churn Prediction for Reactivation of Dormant Users

User inactivity is a huge determinant in predicting the app churn rate. When you continuously monitor user actions, you can easily identify dormant users. Push notifications can help you understand this by analyzing insights via app opens, click rate, transaction completion data which convey the user activity state.

Churn Prediction for Reactivation of Dormant Users
Churn Prediction for Reactivation of Dormant Users

Impact – Targeted reactivation of dormant users Dormant customers could be brought back on the platform by using attractive offers to make them active.

4. User Behavior Segmentation for Up-selling and Cross-selling

You can personalize cross-promotions and upselling campaigns for users to provide relevant offerings. Tailor your recommendations for data plans, hotspot devices, wallet, offers, and Value Added Services (VAS) by using user behavior segmentation to be in sync with the user needs.

User Behavior Segmentation for Up-selling and Cross-selling
User Behavior Segmentation for Up-selling and Cross-selling

Impact – Increased customer LTV Campaigns sent using user behavior segmentation generate 26% more conversions.

These are few significant benefits of using personalized push notifications. But there is much more to push notifications that can help telecom marketers nail the hard tasks of app adoption and user retention for Selfcare apps.

Rich Push Notifications for Telecom Selfcare Apps

Using optimized push notifications or “Rich Push Notifications” helps marketers increase engagement by enhancing the user experience. Telecom marketers can strategically designing the push notification with interactive features(video, GIFs, CTAs, etc) to assist the intent-based as well as event-based users actions. Rich Push Notifications can be used to help users to navigate directly to action page for payments.

Telecoms need a razor-sharp strategy and a viable marketing channel to leverage the full potential of Selfcare apps. Push notifications help marketers to include both; a marketing channel and strategy for execution, in their marketing campaigns.

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