MoEngage Launches VibeAsOneTribe, a New DE&I Initiative, and 3 New Employee Resource Groups

Introducing new ERGS: WeforShe, En’Able, and Mo’Pride to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion at MoEngage.

  • UPDATED: 30 January 2023
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Building an organization that creates a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is the foremost of every decision we make at MoEngage.

We’re proud to announce VibeAsOneTribe, our DE&I initiative aimed to amplify underrepresented voices and empower diverse communities.

MoEngage’s DE&I Commitment Statement

VibeAsOneTribe – At MoEngage, we appreciate and embrace our differences and unique perspectives. We vibe as one tribe while being distinct, and know that it makes a positive impact on our product and culture.

DE&I is more than policies, programs, or adding diverse headcounts. We embrace DE&I to ensure MoEngage employees feel safe, included, valued, and empowered regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, or life experience.

DE&I in Leadership Roles Matter

Diverse leaders attract and retain diverse talent.

In today’s hybrid world, DE&I is more crucial than ever for employees to stay connected, engaged, happier and satisfied, leading to a direct correlation to higher productivity.

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MoEngage

MoEngage’s DE&I strategy is designed to enable employees to connect and bring their different, unique perspectives to the table.

At MoEngage, we’ve built a culture that is welcoming and inclusive. This ensures every employee has a voice without the fear of not being included or valued.

We believe unique perspectives matter in achieving a common goal and purpose. To amplify this belief, we’re proud to introduce three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

1. WeforShe

VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage WeforShe Mission Statement
VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage WeforShe Mission Statement

WeforShe creates an environment that celebrates unique contributions, champions professional and personal growth, and fosters experiences in which women can thrive.

This committee provides a network that supports the professional development of women, facilitates recruitment and retention, and works with senior management to address and provide feedback on matters of interest to female employees, including policy matters.

WeforShe also provides a forum to acknowledge the achievements of women at MoEngage and address their common workday challenges. It also serves as a support system on matters of interest unique to women in the workforce.

Mission statement: “To support and enhance the experience for women at MoEngage and optimize the gender balance across the firm to capitalize on the power of inclusion, equity, and diversity.”

2. En’Able

VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage En'Able Mission Statement
VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage En’Able Mission Statement

En’Able is MoEngage’s ERG for employees passionate about disabilities, neurodiversity, and special needs.

It serves as a community to build awareness and offer advice on the many facets of disability to create inclusive teams and workplaces.

In essence, En’Able aims to make ‘inclusivity’ a key element in MoEngage’s product, workspace, and culture.

Mission statement: “Enabling MoEngagers to be Supportive, Sensitive, and Spirited towards building an all-embracing environment that symbolizes love, respect, oneness, and inclusion for the specially-abled community.”

3. Mo’Pride

VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage Mo'Pride Mission Statement
VibeAsOneTribe: MoEngage Mo’Pride Mission Statement

Mo’Pride builds a supportive and affirming atmosphere for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, queer/questioning, intersex, and allied/asexual/aromantic/agender (LGBTQIA) employees and allies.

Mo’Pride provides a network that supports the professional development of LGBTQIA employees, facilitates recruitment and retention, builds community among LGBTQIA employees, and works with senior management to develop policies and practices that positively impact LGBTQIA employees at MoEngage.

Mission statement: “Work towards a safe, non-judgmental, and more accepting environment for the LGBTQ+ community, and act as a support network by creating allyship across MoEngage.”

MoEngage Is Proud of VibeAsOneTribe!

It is critical for organizations to bring diverse perspectives into the system if they wish to remain profitable, innovative, and continuously evolving.

We believe that to be the very best and help others reach their full potential, every MoEngage employee deserves an opportunity to succeed in a fair and equitable workplace.

VibeAsOneTribe, our DE&I initiative, amplifies underrepresented voices and empowers diverse communities by fostering diversity and inclusion at a global scale.

MoEngage is proud of new ERG launches under VibeAsOneTribe!
MoEngage is proud of new ERG launches under VibeAsOneTribe!

Our ERGs are built to help participants from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups become decision-making catalysts and ensure a fully inclusive and open environment at MoEngage.

To be a part of our tribe, check out our careers page!