Website Personalization For Media And Entertainment Brands: How To Forge Bespoke Website Experiences

  • UPDATED: 29 November 2023
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The media and entertainment industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. From traditional outlets to digital media and online streaming services, the increasing number of channels has resulted in more viewership and screen time. According to projections, the total revenue in the entertainment segment was to reach US$27.86bn in 2022. Expectations are that the industry will show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 10.50%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$48.76bn by 2027.

Consumers, too, now have an ever-growing number of connected devices. They have a constant proliferation of channels and platforms to a point where experts have coined the term “ATAWAD,” which stands for “Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device,” to describe the consumption of content today. Consumers are gaining more control over how and when they experience media and the content itself.

However, as content consumption becomes increasingly complex and rapidly evolving, media and entertainment companies are faced with highly competitive and uncertain markets. As a result, brands are seeking ways to reduce operating costs while generating more revenue from content delivery.

‘Personalization’ has become the new tool for media and entertainment companies to provide more specific content to their customers. The results have been incredible too, with personalization programs exceeding targets and expectations internally across customer lifetime value, cost savings, and revenue (72% each). Customers seem to align with this strategy as well, as long as firms effectively address privacy needs.

MoEngage’s website personalization provides media and entertainment companies with a tailored customer experience for each individual customer, resulting in increased engagement, revenue, and customer retention. This is achieved through personalized content recommendations, specific promotions and offers, and insights into customer behavior and preferences.

How media and entertainment brands can create personalized website experiences with MoEngage

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Here is how MoEngage’s website personalization can benefit media and entertainment companies:

  • Personalized content recommendations: MoEngage’s personalization algorithms analyze each customer’s behavior on the website to recommend content that is most likely to interest them. This helps media and entertainment companies promote new content to their audience, resulting in increased engagement and views
  • Customized promotions and offers: MoEngage can help companies create personalized promotions and offers according to each customer’s interests and past behavior on the website. This helps increase conversions and revenue for the company
  • Improved customer retention: By providing a personalized experience, media and entertainment companies can increase customer loyalty and retention. MoEngage’s personalization can help identify customers who are at risk of churning and provide customized offers and recommendations to keep them engaged
  • Better customer insights: MoEngage’s personalization algorithms can provide media and entertainment companies with insights into customer behavior and preferences. Companies can make data-driven decisions about content creation and promotion

Let’s have a detailed look at some of the business use cases of MoEngage’s personalization offerings for the media and entertainment industry.

Website Personalization Use-cases For Media and Entertainment Brands

Free trial to a paid subscription

Journey Stage: Acquisition and onboarding

Goal: To engage the customers and demonstrate the value of a paid subscription. Nudge them with personalized web messaging enticing them to subscribe

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Customers need to be reminded of the value of a paid subscription when their trial nears expiry.
Solution: Personalizing the customer website experience with personalized nudges using show genres, dynamic pricing, or curated add-on packs can help media companies remind customers of the value of a paid subscription when their trial nears expiry.

Media companies can use personalized nudges to recommend additional content or add-on packs that may be of interest to the customer. This can increase the perceived value of the subscription and encourage the customer to upgrade to a paid subscription.


  • By tailoring pricing and promotions to each individual customer’s behavior and interests, media companies can increase the likelihood of a customer converting to a paid subscription
  • Personalized nudges can help companies keep customers engaged and interested in their content, which can lead to increased customer retention and loyalty

MoEngage Website Personalization For Media And Entertainment Brands for acquisition and onboarding

Subscription Retention and Subscription Reactivation

Journey Stage: Growth and upsell

Goal: Increase renewal rates among existing subscribers and increase re-subscribers.

Scenarios and solutions

Scenario 1: Involuntary canceling due to non-usage of the subscription.
Solution: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) content, such as limited-time offers or exclusive access to premium content, can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to renew their subscriptions.

By using existing customer attributes or RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis, media companies can personalize their website communication to better understand each customer’s behavior, preferences, and needs. This can enable them to offer personalized discounts, promotions, or content most relevant to each individual.

Scenario 2: When canceled subscribers return, how do you get them to resubscribe?

Companies can personalize the website experience by highlighting new shows/content that are relevant to each customer’s interests. This can encourage customers to spend more time on the website/app and increase the likelihood of them renewing their subscriptions.

Media companies can also showcase the most popular shows based on customer segments and interests, providing a personalized recommendation most relevant to each individual.


  • Long-term renewal discounts can also incentivize customers to renew their subscriptions for a longer period, which can increase customer lifetime value and revenue for the media company
  • Personalized recommendations will improve customer engagement and retention in the long run

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Subscription Upgrade/ Add-on Pack Upsell

Journey Stage: Retain and grow

Goal: Upgrade subscription tier. purchase add-on packs

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Customer is paying for a basic pack with limited channels. We need them to upgrade to an advanced pack with more channels.
Solution: Engage customers during key viewing micro-moments, such as when a consumer finishes watching a series or movie. By analyzing consumer behavior and preferences, media companies can create personalized recommendations and promotions that are most likely to entice the customer to continue watching content.

Similarly, when a subscriber encounters an unavailable channel, media companies can trigger a journey that includes an offer for an add-on pack, providing an opportunity for the subscriber to upgrade their subscription and access the desired content.

Scenario 2: Customer’s current subscription pack is up for renewal.
Solution: By analyzing customer data, media companies can identify which add-on packs will most likely appeal to each customer based on their interests and affinities. For example, a sports fan may be offered a discount on an annual sports add-on pack.


  • By engaging customers with personalized offers and discounts on add-on packs, companies can improve customer engagement and loyalty
  • Provide a more enjoyable and personalized experience to your customers as well as get additional revenue with higher subscription fees

Media And Entertainment Brands can personalize their websites to boost upsells

Improve Content Consumption

Journey Stage: Retain and grow


– Bring the customers back into the funnel and improve engagement
– Act on drop-offs and help customers get the most out of their content experience

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Customers need help with discovering new content: Customers cannot find “what to watch next”, “what to listen next”, “what to start next”, or “what to do next”.
Solution: Personalizing new content arrival video recommendations based on the artist and genre preferences of customers can be an effective strategy to improve the customers’ content consumption.

Building a “what to watch next” or “new additions” module that is personalized for each customer can further enhance the customer experience by providing tailored recommendations and making it easier for customers to discover new content.

Scenario 2: Customers who abandon a show/ episode midway and do not return require a nudge or two.
Solution: Reminding customers to pick up where they left off with messaging on a show, episode, or article they left midway can be an effective way for media companies to increase customer engagement and retention.

By showing that they understand their customers’ viewing habits and preferences, media companies can improve the overall customer experience and foster greater customer loyalty.

Pro Tip: Notify viewers about new series, episodes, or songs and about artists who just joined your platform in the customers’ preferred genres without the need to create multiple campaigns for each series, episode, and segment each time with MoEngage Business Events 

MoEngage Business Events for Media and Entertainment brands


  • By showing that they understand their customers’ viewing habits and preferences, media companies can improve customer retention and ensure lower drop-offs
  • Continuous and timely nudges mean improved engagement from the customer

Content Recommendations

Journey Stage: Post-purchase

Goal: Improve customer experience, LifeTime Value (LTV), and loyalty

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: A subscriber has viewed or engaged with a content category or content genre.
Solution: By dynamically recommending additional content to customers, media companies can help customers discover new content that aligns with their interests and preferences. Companies can continually update and refine their recommendations based on customer feedback and viewing habits, ensuring that the most relevant and personalized content recommendations reach the audience.

Scenario 2: Asking subscribers to select their interests.
Solution: Companies can recommend content and genres based on customer interests by using MoEngage Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM). This next-gen personalization solution is designed to help businesses communicate relevant products from their catalog based on the user’s browsing history through push notifications (app/web) and emails.


  •  More views and watch time leading to improved Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Increased repurchase rate with more relevant recommendations
  • Better customer experience with improved content recommendations

Experiment With Personalized Content and Offers

Journey Stage: Acquisition, retention, and growth

Goal: To run experiments and arrive at the best-performing page variations, pricing strategies, etc, for different customer segments

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Test various aspects of marketing – including page layouts, messaging, pricing, and CTA’s.
Solution: By using data and insights to inform their decisions, marketers can better understand their audience segments and create personalized experiences that resonate with each group.

With personalization, marketers can test various page layouts, content experiences, messaging, pricing, and calls-to-action to see what works best for each audience segment. By analyzing customer behavior and engagement metrics, marketers can gain valuable insights into which tactics are most effective at driving conversions and increasing revenue.


  • In-depth customer insights and analytics
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing tactics
  • Improved future decisions backed by data

Website Personalization For Media And Entertainment Brands

Personalize Website Experiences for Customers Based on In-session Attributes

Journey Stage: Retain and grow

Goal: Create context-rich experiences that translate into higher retention and conversion

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Your customers are spread across multiple regions and speak different languages.
Solution: By using geolocation data, companies can offer personalized language and regional content based on the customer’s location, improving their overall experience with the website.

A media company can offer regional content based on the customer’s location, such as local news or events, while also showcasing pricing in regional currency or based on regional price sensitivities. This can help increase conversion rates by making the pricing more relevant and easier to understand for customers in different regions.

Scenario 2: You have multiple genre categories and want to personalize the experience based on the time of day.
Solution: Personalizing the website experience based on the time of the day can help media companies provide relevant content to their customers at the right time. By using website personalization, companies can showcase different types of content based on the time of the day, such as morning news, afternoon entertainment, or evening sports.


  • Showcasing different content at different times of the day can help optimize the website for maximum engagement and conversion rates
  • More website visits with localized content recommendation
  • Helps increase engagement and retention by providing customers with a personalized experience that aligns with their interests and daily routine

Website personalization to boost conversions with MoEngage Personalize

Dynamic Pricing

Journey Stage: Acquisition and conversion

Goal: To improve website conversions

Scenario and solutions

Scenario 1: Personalize your pricing, discounts, and offers based on customer preferences, age, and even location.
Solution: To offer personalized pricing based on customer behavior or preferences, companies can collect and analyze customer data such as browsing behavior, purchase history, and engagement metrics. For instance, a media company can offer a lower price on a sports subscription for customers who have shown a high level of interest in sports content. This approach can help improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue for the company.

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  • Fewer drop-offs with more suitably priced subscription options
  • Personalized pricing helps create sharper marketing campaigns, increasing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and improving ROI
  • Customers appreciate receiving tailored offers and pricing that match their preferences and needs, leading to higher satisfaction levels


The media and entertainment industry has grown tremendously in recent years, providing consumers with an ever-growing number of connected devices and channels to access content. Personalization has become an effective tool for media companies to provide more well-directed content to their customers and create a differentiating factor.

MoEngage’s website personalization algorithms provide a tailored customer experience for each individual customer. It provides personalized content recommendations, specific promotions and offers, insights into customer behavior and preferences, and better customer retention.

MoEngage can help media and entertainment companies with:

  • Tailored website banners that display offers to upgrade subscriptions, specific to subscribers’ location
  • A suggestion of content depending on a visitor’s previous listening activity, related items, or the most preferred category.
  • Customers with different subscription plans, such as premium subscribers and lower-tier subscribers, can receive tailored website banners displaying customized offers that are specific to their subscription level
  • Visual no-code editor to easily and quickly modify the layout of your website, including Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, to display suggested banners and shows

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MoEngage Personalize empowers you to achieve these objectives in a fast and efficient manner without the need for any coding. Do you want to explore how your brand can integrate Web Personalization? If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with your preferred customer success manager. If you are new to MoEngage, you can seek guidance from our experts here.

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