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abillion Improves Conversions by 41% Leveraging AI-powered Campaign Optimization

Increase in Conversions
Boost in Stickiness
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Since 2017, abillion has helped connect vegan brands and environmentally conscious individuals from over 180 countries on a social platform that has blossomed into a well-knit community, helping them make more sustainable daily choices.

Understanding abillion’s Scaling Challenges

As abillion garnered more and more customers and vegan brands in their community and ecosystem, they faced a few hurdles in the race to scale. abillion realized that their existing solutions with limited insights couldn’t help them scale any further. To navigate this dead end, they decided to partner with a platform that exclusively catered to their customer engagement needs.

Understanding abillion’s Scaling Challenges

Our favorite tool is SHERPA, MoEngage’s predictive AI, which helps to optimize campaign engagement. This removes the need to hire an additional resource to implement an algorithm to send communications in the best channel or time. MoEngage also allows us to send time-sensitive and critical campaigns at specific times. We’re able to send promotions at recommended times, tailored for each person, which resulted in a 41% increase in conversions.

Jashvini Jothieswaran
Jashvini Jothieswaran
Senior Growth Manager, abillion
SHERPA, the AI Tool That Helped abillion Achieve a 41% Conversion Increase

To drive a more sustainable lifestyle and a socially-positive ecosystem to their users, abillion needed to decrease the ‘starting from scratch’ approach for each campaign and prioritize building feasible strategies to grow and spread their message. By automating its processes, abillion was able to experiment with new channels and frameworks to minimize the effort, time, and resources in spreading its message to the world. A dynamic AI with robust automation processes significantly optimized their various engagement and retention activities, resulting in a substantial uptick in overall performance. Using MoEngage’s AI-based optimization and real-time analytics, abillion was able to understand what type of content to send, when to send it, the best channels to send it to analyze and optimize their campaigns in real-time. They were able to set up detailed customer journey and segmented campaigns according to user behavior. Doing this was crucial in launching new campaigns for different audiences, such as abillion’s ambassador program and marketplace feature in new markets, resulting in 9.07% of users converting after entering a journey-based campaign.

Personalization is Key: Boosting Email Engagement With Smart Recommendations

To improve their email open rates, abillion utilized attribute-based recommendations with the ‘Best Time to Send’ feature. These email campaigns used personalized recommendations based on members’ locations. abillion then deployed and delivered the right campaign content to the right segment of users. Leveraging this, they hit an overall 50% open rate for their emails, a 33% uplift from before!

Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Optimize campaigns and drive high ROI with AI-powered, Sherpa.
Email Builder
Create emails that convert with fastest and easiest email builder
Push Notification
Reach customers at the right time using AI-powered, targeted, push notifcations
Smart Recommendations
Build personalized experiences by driving most relevant product recommendations.
The Results

With MoEngage, abillion adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, leveraging AI-powered Optimization and:


  • Increased Daily Active Users (DAUs) by 25% and Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by 10%
  • Achieved a 41% uplift in conversions
  • Attracted 13% more new customers and boosted stickiness by 13.6%
  • Saw a 35% uplift in Push CTR compared to the industry average
  • Boosted email open rates by 33%