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abillion Improves Conversions by 41% Leveraging AI-powered Campaign Optimization

Find out the key AI strategies abillion used to leverage email and push channels to boost customer stickiness by 13.6%, leading to increased acquisition and conversions

About abillion

Since 2017, abillion has helped connect vegan brands and environmentally conscious individuals from over 180 countries on a social platform that has blossomed into a well-knit community, helping them make more sustainable daily choices.

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Our favorite tool is SHERPA, MoEngage’s predictive AI, which helps to optimize campaign engagement. This removes the need to hire an additional resource to implement an algorithm to send communications in the best channel or time. MoEngage also allows us to send time-sensitive and critical campaigns at specific times. We’re able to send promotions at recommended times, tailored for each person, which resulted in a 41% increase in conversions.

Jashvini Jothieswaran
Senior Growth Manager, abillion
Increase in Conversions
Boost in Stickiness
Business Challenge

The challenge was to move from disjointed point solutions to an all-in-one customer engagement platform to drive engagement and conversions


abillion leveraged MoEngage's AI-powered campaign optimization to observe a 41% increase in conversions and a 25% uplift in Daily Active Users

The Results

With MoEngage, abillion adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, leveraging AI-powered Optimization and:


  • Increased Daily Active Users (DAUs) by 25% and Monthly Active Users (MAUs) by 10%
  • Achieved a 41% uplift in conversions
  • Attracted 13% more new customers and boosted stickiness by 13.6%
  • Saw a 35% uplift in Push CTR compared to the industry average
  • Boosted email open rates by 33%

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